There’s been quite a bit of excitement this week, one way and another. Monday started quite normally – prep for workshops and for the play I’m directing; Poetry on Loan actions – and then I worked with the little follow-on group I meet once a month in the library. We finish our sessions after the library has closed, so they give us a set of keys to unlock the front door and get out; we relock the door and post the keys through the secured letter-box. But this week they gave us the wrong keys, and we were locked in. I wandered off to see if there was anyone else in the building, and set off the burglar alarm – so there we were, our little group, in the dark library foyer, with the alarm screaming and a blue light flashing outside. Fortunately there was a police car just over the road, and after a while they came to investigate. They couldn’t hear what I was saying, so I had to try to convey our situation through the medium of interpretative dance. Well, more or less.

It all ended happily – in less than an hour a member of the library staff came and released us. By then we had found the light switch and realised that we had a packet of biscuits and tea and coffee-making facilities, and access to the loo, so it wouldn’t have been so bad. Even the burglar alarm had stopped by then. In the evening I answered loads of emails.

On Tuesday I had a good session at the Oncology Unit; people do amaze me! And then my big, heavy wooden house sign fell on me; fortunately it landed on my shoulder rather than my head. I handled more emails and did the hospital writeup, and in the evening went to see August: Osage County. This had brilliant acting, but it still smacked of the stage play it once was. Good, though.

Yet more emails on Wednesday! There are so many. I was a little concerned about what mishap might befall me, after the excitements of Monday and Tuesday, but got through the day with no major problems. And – another excitement – I started looking at the history of Tewkesbury in preparation for a big commission I have this year. When it’s absolutely definitely happening, I’ll say more about it. I wrote a couple of letters – real ones, on paper – and went to work with my GP surgery group, who were as good as ever. I’ll be sorry to lose them when the term ends. More writeups and then a lot of office clearing.

I did more office clearing later in the week, and I’ve nearly finished it now. My office looks like an office again, but it’s a bit dull now you can see the brown desk and grey carpet; and it’s much more obvious that the walls need painting. I have to say I am quite pleased with it, though.

On Thursday I updated the Poetry on Loan website, and proofread the book of pieces from the Hospice, and did some prep, and more tidying, and in the evening went to the Grizzly Pear night in Selly Oak. Lots of students with poems; some of them were excellent, and all had something worthwhile – but oh! they need to learn the value of editing! And coffee at only £1.25; this was a students’ pub.

On Friday I did my end of month accounts, and wrote a long email to a school who want me to do some workshops, and went to the library for history books, and did more office clearing, and entered a poetry competition. I won’t win.

The weekend was quite relaxing, with a trip to IKEA for office stuff, and another to a craft centre near Lydney, and a bit more work on the play – something else I’m quite excited about. I wonder what excitements this week will bring? I think I might start work on making a new house sign…

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