Just for fun

I haven’t got a lot of work on at the moment. This means that I am catching up with things that need to be done, but has also given me a bit of time for fun.

But Monday, of course, meant emails – loads of them; and invoices, and ironing. Not a lot of fun there, you might think, but I only ever watch TV if I’m ironing or sewing, so it’s actually quite a treat for me.

On Tuesday I went to the hospital, and worked with two ladies who were interesting in different ways. They really liked their poems, which was good. I did the writeup, and answered still more emails, and in the evening went to see The Dallas Buyers Club. This was ok; a bit grim in places, but well done and with some excellent acting.

Wednesday was a bit different. I am a trustee of the Ledbury Poetry Festival, and I had a chance to look round the Master’s House in Ledbury. It’s being renovated, and the LPF’s offices might be moving there. Interesting to see the work in progress. I did some Poetry on Loan work, and prepared for the prison book group, and – yes, more emails.

I should have run the prison book group on Thursday, but they phoned to say they have norovirus there, with lots of people very sick; the library, where we meet, was closed to help prevent the spread of the infection. So that was out. I did some prep for this coming week, and more Poetry on Loan work, and I painted the new house sign. This might sound trivial, but it’s a big wooden sign, and the kids wanted the lettering to be the same as on the old sign – which is in an Old English font. I had to trace the letters from the old sign (tricky, because the wood was all blotched and the letters unclear), and then paint the letters with black gloss and a small paintbrush. It’s actually come out well, and as I always think of myself as being useless at things like this, I’m rather proud of it.

And I did a bit of tidying and clearing out, and wrote a poem.

Friday was as usual accounts day, but I made time to give the new sign its first coat of varnish. It will have three, altogether, to try and preserve it for as long as possible. I did some cleaning, went to the gym, and wrote a job application.

And at the weekend – oh, we had some fun! The car park near the  Abbey in Tewkesbury is still flooded. The Bloke has bought two model remote-control boats, and we went out in our wellies and raced them round the car park. The batteries only last about 8 minutes, but we went on Saturday and Sunday. I never expected it could be so enjoyable! We felt a bit silly at first, but soon got over that. I made up for the fun by writing another poem and spending some time working on the book of pieces written by my GP surgery group.

And that was it. I don’t think I’ll have so much time for fun this week – especially because there is another cloud of emails hanging over me – but we’ll see.

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