Run, Brenda, run

I used to run. I’ve done two half-marathons in my time, but that was a while ago, and more recently I’ve just enjoyed running a mile or two on sunny mornings. Some time after I fell off the ladder, I asked the specialist if I would be able to run again, and he said, “And is that something you would wish to do?”

Well, this week, I’ve been running, for the first time for two years. Only about half a mile the first day, but twice more, each about a mile and a half. Ok, it was more of a trot, really, but it did feel good.

I’ve done other stuff as well. On Monday I did the writeup for the young writers’ group I worked with the Saturday before, and did the prep for the young writers group I would be working with the coming Saturday. I typed up and sent the pieces I’ve written for the Tewkesbury band project, and did some prep for my GP surgery group. I mowed both lawns, and in the evening had a production meeting and a rehearsal for Quartet; it’s going well. I’ve had another rehearsal this evening, of the very difficult final scene, and oh, they get better all the time. Costume and props prospects are improving, too.

On Tuesday I had my first run, and came home and wrote another piece for the Tewkesbury band project. And then there were loads of emails to look at, and three long phone calls. I did some prep for the prison book group, and started work on the report for the Arts Council for Poetry on Loan; this is a long job. In the evening we saw Noah. This had had good reviews, but it was really, really silly, and very long.

On Wednesday I dealt with yet more emails, and did some proof-reading for the Ledbury Poetry Festival brochure. In the afternoon my GP surgery group recorded the play they had written; this was made more difficult by the people walking about in the room overhead, but we couldn’t complain – this is a working surgery, after all.

In the evening I did a bit more work on the new poem, and answered emails until 9:30 pm. Sigh. And then did the ironing.

Thursday I went running again, this time across the fields. It was lovely! I sent off the new piece, did some stuff I needed to do for TADS, and sent the prison book to be published by Lulu. Time for some Poetry on Loan work – website updates and more on the report – and then I went to the hospital. In the evening I worked with my prison book group; they are all really sad that next time will be our last meeting. Late on I wrote up the hospital work and the prison stuff.

On Friday I had another long run, and did my accounts, and finished most of the text of the PoL report, and finished my prep for the young writers’ group. And did a bit of gardening. And answered more emails. And worked on my next piece for the Tewkesbury band project.

So – the young writers. They did really well a month ago with some poetry, so I got them doing some more; something fiendishly difficult. My younger group are all aged under 12; we looked at a poem by W.H. Auden which is complex in its language and subject matter, and I asked them to write poems on a similar theme. There was a moment when they all looked blank, but then they just got on and did it. They were brilliant! Never underestimate your participants.

In the evening The Bloke and I went to see Her. Hmm. It’s often worrying when a film is written, directed and produced by the same person, as this one was; it can be self-indulgent, and this one was.

Sunday was part of Tewkesbury’s Big Weekend. It was a little disappointing because of the weather, but we recorded some useful background noise for the GP surgery group play, and happened upon some perfect props for Quartet. Success! And later I finished off the band piece, and did some more work on the big report.

And today, we went for a bike ride to the nearby water park, and went for a trip round the lake on a pedalo. Very silly, and excellent fun. Much less silly, in fact, than either Noah or Her, and just as good from the point of view of trimming my thighs as running.


1 thought on “Run, Brenda, run

  1. What I would like to know is what you do in your spare time. Reading about your week leaves me breathless. If you want to see something silly, but fun, with laugh out loud bits, go and see The Love Punch.

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