Isn’t the sunshine wonderful? It makes me – and, I think, most people – feel better; it eases the niggling pains from my injuries; it makes the whole world seem brighter. If I had my way we’d have much more of it. Not that I spent a great deal of time outside this week, but I did manage a bit of gardening.

On Monday I went to a meeting at a hospital. The plan is for me to do some work with patients there, but although I have been doing something similar in another hospital for – gosh – seven years now, the staff are uncertain about how to get me in. Am I a volunteer, or a contractor, or what? What forms do I need to sign? I’m sure they’ll sort it out eventually.

I scarified the front lawn, wrote a poem, and did some prep for my GP surgery group, and went to rehearsal in the evening, which went well, except that one actor was missing – and out of a cast of four, that’s quite significant. Emails when I got home, as usual…

…but I didn’t finish them, and spent until 1 pm on Tuesday handling the rest. I did some prep for my young writers’ group, and then went to visit the prison where I’ll be working. This was a bit disappointing. I had expected to be there one day a week for three months, but on fact the only time I can work there is for two solid weeks, coming in each day. This is going to be really hard, and it’s not the best way for the guys to learn; spending time over homework is a good exercise, but they won’t be able to do that. Still, I’ve thought of how to handle it, and sent them a revised proposal; now I just have to wait to hear from them again.

I wrote some blurb for Quartet for The Roses brochure; they suddenly needed it in a hurry, so I didn’t really have time to give it as much thought as I’d have liked. And in the evening I went to see Transcendence. This got bad reviews from the critics, but apart from a few plot holes, I thought it was quite good.

On Wednesday I tidied up the minutes of the Poetry on Loan meeting (which someone else had kindly taken), and updated the website. The GP group in the afternoon was ok, except that a new chap felt too anxious and had to leave. I sent some stuff off to the hospital to help with their efforts to get me in, and in the evening went to see When we are married, an amateur performance which had one of my Quartet actors in. It was a good performance, but it’s a rubbish play, really, so I can’t say I enjoyed it all that much.

On Thursday I went to work in Cheltenham hospital – but the waiting room was almost completely empty! Perhaps this is what it will be like in 20 years’ time when we have conquered cancer. I finally found someone to work with, though; an interesting chap.

I went for a swim, and finished clearing the patio, and planted out some tomatoes and some lettuce seeds and some poppies, and answered and wrote lots of emails, and did my weekly accounts.

On Friday I had an early start – loads to do! I had a long call from the wonderful Jonathan Davidson, and made some PoL phone calls, and cleared some of the borders of my front garden, and repotted some cucumber plants, and had long phone calls from both The Son and The Daughter, and did some prep for tonight’s production meeting and rehearsal. I’m going to make radical changes to the set design, and I’m not sure how they’ll all react. I had a workout at the gym (well, an hour of exercise), and did a report for Artlift, and finished the prison proposal, and wrote a poem.

On Saturday I was with my young writers in Hereford. This time my assistant planned and ran the whole session – her first time. It was rather nice; she said she couldn’t have dreamed of doing this a year ago, but she’s learned from me how to go about it. She did a great job! The next session with them will be my last, which is a bit sad.

And on Sunday I did hardly anything, except enjoy the sunshine.

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