Lying on a beach

That’s where I should be! That’s where I was, a few days ago. I arrived back from my week in Rhodes at 3 am on Sunday morning, and at about 8 am I started tackling the 327 emails that were waiting. I’m up to emails from June 6th now, so still quite a way to go.

It was a lovely holiday; thank you for asking. The weather was a bit pathetic to start with, but by the end of the week it was as hot and sunny as I could want. We had a terrific room, just overlooking the sea, so that at night the waves were my lullaby. I really, really didn’t want to come home.

And now this week looks like being busy. The week before I left, I did a lot of holiday prep (me and my prep!), and had a not-too-good visit to the hospital, which was empty; and did some gardening, and answered emails, and cleaned the house.

And I had my birthday, on 29th May. We went to Paradise – which is a wildlife park near Chesham. One of my Christmas presents was a red panda experience, and we spent some time hand-feeding these beautiful little creatures. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let us take one home, but otherwise it was a great day – although I must say that a Travelodge breakfast is no-one’s idea of a birthday treat. I had some terrific presents, including a camera that is tough enough to cope with me while being easy enough for me to cope with it – in fact, it steadies my shaking hand and does everything I could ever want from a camera, including underwater filming. And it’s blue.

And of course there was the GP surgery writing group, who go from strength to strength, and millions of emails to answer.

Friday was an incredibly busy day. I had an email asking me to go for an interview on June 3rd, and had to sort out an alternative date (it was this morning! I think it went ok, but I won’t know for a week. And I applied for my winter fuel allowance, which made me feel very, very old. I finished packing, and ordered a birthday present for The Son, and mowed both lawns, and wrapped a present for The Son, and broke a milk bottle (yes, I still have my milk delivered), and wrote a long list of instructions for The Son and The Daughter, who were coming separately to mind The Cat, and finally caught up with all my emails. And on Saturday, off we flew.

Already since I’ve been back I’ve mowed (again), and unpacked and done two loads of washing, and prepared for the interview; I wrote the short presentation I had to do as part of the interview on the plane on the way out, and during the holiday I’ve written three poems – nowhere near my usual level of holiday productivity!

But now it’s back to work in earnest. I love my work, but I love Greece more, and I wish I were going back tomorrow.


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