With a vengeance

That’s what it’s been like this week – back to work with a vengeance, although I’m a person almost entirely lacking in vengeance. It’s the work, not me.

The interview on Monday seemed to go well, although I won’t know until today or tomorrow whether I’ve got the job. Fingers crossed, although that does make typing a bit difficult. I started on the long haul of tackling the emails, did some rehearsal prep, and went off for the rehearsal, which was pretty good – although they still don’t know their lines well enough! Grr.

I felt fed up on Tuesday; post-holiday blues. I prepared for my GP surgery group, and sent some Poetry on Loan emails, and did lots of washing. I pulled up all the weeds growing at the front of my garden wall, which made me feel a bit better, and had a long phone call to a teacher at a school I’ll be working with at the end of the month, and spent quite a bit of time preparing a mailing list for some Poetry on Loan leaflets, before another long phone call with another teacher from another school I’ll be working with in July. The problem with a lot of primary schools is that, rather than have me spend a lot of time with one or two groups, which would make a real impact, they want me to work with just about everyone in the school. They think this makes it inclusive, but of course it isn’t; unless you’re really lucky, there will be some kids who are totally disengaged, and you just don’t have time to include them properly. It would be more inclusive, as I’ve pointed out, to say that each year they’ll have a poet to work with one year group; that way, everyone in the school is included at some point, and they get a really good experience. Oh well; I’ll do my best.

In the evening I saw Edge of tomorrow, which was pretty good, but I was very, very tired.

On Wednesday I did some more washing, and got up to date with the emails. Phew! The GP surgery group went really well; one of them had done her best piece of writing ever.  I did a bit of scouting for props for the play, and typed in my new poems, and loaded all my holiday photos onto my computer. In the past, I’ve usually taken about five photos on holiday, but I’ve been excited by my whizzy new camera and taken about 105 this time, including some nice underwater videos.

On Thursday I worked at the hospital; two great people! The Son was home for a while, but after he’d gone I did some essential gardening – netting the fruit bushes and planting out some stuff I’d grown from seed. I did some work on a poster for a taster session in a hospital, and went to a TADS meeting, and finished off the evening with a mound of ironing. Oh, and I made a cake.

On Friday I went to the dentist, which is always fun – no, honestly, it really is. After the usual weekly accounts, there was more gardening to do, but I had a terrible headache and had to lie down for a bit. I recovered enough to go to an Artlift meeting, but the headache came back and I don’t think I contributed much. The Son was coming home on Saturday (his birthday) with lots of his friends, so I tidied up, and iced the cake – a football pitch cake, of course, with green coffee icing. I washed my car, and found a few more patches of rust. Sigh. I did the hospital writeup, and handled some emails.

Saturday was a bit sad – my last ever session with the young people in Hereford. I’ve been working with these groups for, I think, three and a half years, and one girl has been with me the whole time. The younger group gave a performance for their parents, which went really well; I was very proud of them. In the evening I saw the Son briefly, and escaped to The Bloke’s house before all The Son’s friends arrived. And I slept. I was so tired; I haven’t slept well all week. I did wake up to watch the England match, though. I know a lot of people don’t see the point of football, but when it’s played well, it has a fluency and grace that I really enjoy – much more than rugby, which seems to me to be all about power.

And on Sunday I did very little, except go to the World of Crocodiles – “The UK’s only crocodile zoo” – which was interesting although not exactly lively.

And now it’s a full-on week again, so I’ll set to, with a vengeance; or at least, with a will.


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