Eye time

Not high time, please note – I haven’t really had a high old time this week.
On Tuesday I had my first session with a group of carers in Birmingham – 11 of them! This is an astonishing number, especially as we had only expected six; they kept coming in, and we had to keep finding more chairs. Most of them were rather hesitant, and worried about their spelling, but they did really well. I did the write up, and handled some emails, and then suddenly something was wrong with my left eye; I could see flashing lights in what The Son’s girlfriend calls my profiterole vision, and there were loads of floaters – as if somebody had tipped their rubbish bin in my eye.. In the evening we went to see Cold in July, which would have been gripping if it hadn’t been for the constant firework display in my left eye. When we came home I looked it up on t’Internet; it said I should get it checked urgently.
So, on Wednesday morning I phoned the doctor; who got me in straight away, and started phoning the eye clinic at Gloucester Hospital to get me an appointment. I sat and waited in her surgery for a while, but she couldn’t get through; then I waited in the waiting room, and after each patient she saw she came and told me that she had tried again, with no success. Eventually she gave me a letter for the clinic, and told me just to go there directly.
The lovely Kim took me in, after I had phoned the members of the GP group who were due to meet that afternoon to postpone our session, and at the hospital they said they would see me, so Kim left, telling me to phone her when I was done, and she would come and collect me.
But then I was seen by a nurse, Sarah, who was extremely rude! She implied that both the doctor and I were lying about trying to get through on the phone; she snapped at me when I tried to answer what I thought was a question (actually she was just reading the letter aloud, but with that questioning intonation people sometimes have?) She was awful. She told me to come back the next day at 9 am.
And so I should phone Kim… but no phone! It had dropped out of my bag at home, and without it I had no phone numbers. I had to get a taxi, all £35 worth, to get home. It was hard to concentrate during the rest of the afternoon, knowing that what I had were possibly symptoms of a detached retina, which needs to be fixed immediately.
Next day, the hospital staff were efficient and polite. I had a test which involved dilating the pupils of my eyes, and all is ok, although the lights and the floaters will be with me for months, possibly. I quite like the lights, but the floaters are a real distraction when I’m trying to do anything. After the tests, I couldn’t go outside at all (lights too bright), or read the screen, so essentially I lost nearly two days of the week.
By late afternoon I had recovered, and, wearing sunglasses, I sanded down and undercoated my garage door frames, and did some gardening and picked some blackcurrants. After long phone calls from both The Son and The Daughter, I handled some emails and did the prep fro the carers’ session this coming week.
By Friday, I could see fine, except for all the floaters, and did my usual accounts, and glossed the garage door frames, and then went off to a WW1 service in Winchcombe. I had written a poem specially for this, and everyone seemed to appreciate it.
And then baking! I’ve promised to make the cake for my brother’s wedding, and I’ve now made three of them; this is going to be a proper three-tiered wedding cake. I hope. I also did a lot of prep for a big day at a school this Thursday.
On Saturday I was on duty at the Ledbury Poetry Festival – event managers’ meeting first thing, and then an event with a poet and interviewer later. It was a good event, although I would have liked a bit more expression in the readings.
Sunday was again the managers’ meeting. I’m fed up with the silly little teacups that we use in the hospitality room at Ledbury, so in the afternoon I bought some mugs – I have now become a Festival donor! I also had to buy some exotic fruit, which I’ll use at my school session (I do like to make things fun), and The Bloke and I had another look at folding bikes. My event in the evening went really well, and I met lots of old friends there.
And this morning I’ve been to the prison where I worked a lot over the last year, to see the governor present copies of the book we made to the men in my group. Proud or what!
My eyes seem bad today, but I can’t rest them. This is going to be a hectic week, and it’s high time I had everything ready.

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