Surfer chick

Ok, maybe I’m too old to be called a chick, but I’ve always wanted to be a surfer, and this week I was – for a few minutes at least. The rest of the week was not quite that Californian dream, though.
On Tuesday, I had my last session with the Birmingham carers’ group. There were loads of them! It was great to see such interest, but the room wasn’t really big enough, and the session wasn’t long enough, to manage it all as well as I would have liked. They’ve all enjoyed the sessions, though, and want more. I still have to write a report about it all, and put their book together, which is going to take a lot of time.
I dashed straight from there for the end of training for the new project I’ll be working on; we got the dates sorted out for our first care homes.
And then I got to go outside – mowing, gardening, watering. By now the usual backlog of emails had built up, and I handled all of them up to Monday’s, and wrote a poem, and got everything ready for Wednesday…
…because on Wednesday I had a day off! The Bloke and I had Groupon vouchers to go indoor surfing and skydiving, over in a place near Milton Keynes. It wasn’t a good journey, with holdups everywhere, but we arrived on time, and went surfing. And oh, I loved it! I’ve never really been surfing in the sea, and of course this isn’t the same thing, but I was one of only three in our group of 11 who stood up without the instructor’s assistance. Now I want to go on a holiday where I can learn to surf properly, in a nice warm sea somewhere.
The skydiving was ok, but it wasn’t anything like a real skydive; I wanted the instructor to let go of me and just let me fly, but I suppose they have to think of safety. Anyway, it was a good day.
The next day, though, I was aching a bit. But I had a good session at the hospital, and came home and sanded and filled the most difficult window frame in the house – yes, up that ladder again. I felt a bit wobbly at first, but my confidence grew on Friday when I undercoated and glossed it.
On Thursday evening we had a TADS meeting; lots of planning for the production of Quartet, which is getting worryingly close. And I did the hospital writeup, and emails up to Tuesday.
I’ve been waking up early and not getting back to sleep, and on Friday I used this time profitably to do some more prep for my big talk tomorrow, with the Coachhouse Writers. The usual weekly accounts were followed by a stint up the ladder, and I stayed outside to shampoo the carpet we’ll be using for the play. It no longer smells musty and horrible, and looks a lot better. I made a cake for The Daughter’s birthday, and potted up a plant for her patio, and called my new assistant for the young people’s writing group in Pershore. She seems good, so that’s ok. More gardening, among the nettles (ouch), and then indoors for lots of prep for a taster session I’m running this week. I iced the cake, which is something I really enjoy doing, and got completely up-to-date with the emails. Hooray! And I wrapped The Daughter’s birthday presents, and did some Poetry on Loan stuff – sending copies of our recommended books leaflet to the publishers of the books concerned.
I didn’t do any work at all over the weekend, apart from practising my talk and answering emails. On Saturday morning I took The Daughter her presents and cake, and in the afternoon bought some garden stuff. On Sunday we went to a steam fair at Welland; another one of those daft occasions which are good fun when the sun is shining.
This week is going to be busy, indoors and out, but I’m going to try to find some time to have a look at surfing holidays. I don’t think you’re ever too old to be a surfer chick, really.

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