Apologies for the delay

Sorry the blog’s a bit late this week. Yesterday I was in a prison all day, and straight out in the evening for rehearsal. Both went really well, the rehearsal particularly – we are going to have a great show! Do come and see it – Friday September 12th and Saturday September 13th, Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. It will be a good evening out. Trust me; I’m a poet.
I’m not apologising for anything else, though. Last week was busy! I did have a day off in the middle, but hey, I think I’ve earned it. On Monday I did a lot of prep for the rehearsal – props, publicity, chasing things up, and I picked plums. Actually I picked plums almost every day (not many are left on the tree, now) and froze them, so I won’t mention that again. I collected my car, which had had to have a new battery (more expense), and answered emails, although that was disrupted by the thunderstorm that kept knocking the power off. But I got up-to-date with the emails before the rehearsal, and did some prep for the prison when I got home.
On Tuesday I tried to work at the hospital, but didn’t; it was one of those days when everyone I started working with was immediately called in for an appointment or treatment, so I couldn’t get anywhere. This is bound to happen from time to time, but it’s always a bit disappointing when it does. I started work on an upstairs window frame (ladder alert!), treating a bit of rot and filling, and did more work on the prison, and started prep for my work in care homes. In the evening we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which was quite engaging tosh.
And on Wednesday The Bloke and I went to the Cotswolds Water Park, for stand-up paddle boarding, canoeing and kayaking. The paddleboard was really hard work in the stiff breeze (easy going one way!), so we soon switched to the canoe, a two-person one. And we capsized it. A guy came in a motorboat to turn it the right way up and empty the water out, and we got back in. “How did you capsize it, then?” he asked. And we immediately did it again. Fortunately we were wearing wetsuits, so we didn’t get cold. We gave up the canoeing after that, and The Bloke strained something getting into his kayak, so that was it for him. But oh, it all came back to me, the days of my youth when I would go kayaking every weekend! It felt wonderful, and I skimmed my way all round the lake.
I came home and answered emails, and ordered lots of stuff for icing and decorating the wedding cake I’ve made for my brother. If it all works, they’re going to love it, and if it doesn’t – well, I’ll feel a real idiot.
I did more prep for the care home on Thursday, and more work on the window frame, and went to the eye clinic for my follow-up appointment. I think there is something wrong with my eye, but the specialists seemed confused and not all that helpful. Hmm. This meant, though, that I was out of action for most of the day, although in the evening I had recovered enough to do some prep for Quartet (come and see it!), and pay some Poetry on Loan invoices.
Friday was August 15th, and every year on August 15th I do my tax return. This year it took me less than an hour, and once again I will sing the praises of the Inland Revenue, who add an extra simplification to the form every year, it seems. I undercoated the window frame, and glossed it later on, and cleared a bin full of nettles and brambles from the garden, and updated the PoL website, and mowed the front lawn, and worked on the Quartet programme, and did some sewing, and made sure everything was ready for the prison. Much of the weekend was dedicated to looking for a new notebook computer to replace my old one; this process will probably take about a year, and this was just the first step. And I wrote a poem.
Yesterday and today – well, it’s full on at the prison, with a small but keen and talented group of guys, and now I must get ready for tomorrow. And once again, my apologies for being late.

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