So, the weather has changed and winter’s here, almost, and I’m going to be stuck inside for ages now. I was inside for most of last week, with Wednesday and Thursday back in the prison. It’s been up early and home late, with just enough time to do what I’ve had to do to get ready for the next day. But it’s going so well; their writing is coming on in leaps and bounds and they’re all enjoying it so much that on Thursday, one of them asked me if it would be all right to carry on working over the weekend on the play we’re writing. Oh yes. I did manage to catch up with the emails on Thursday evening.
On Friday, after doing my accounts, I scraped and treated another window frame – the bathroom, this time; later I filled it, then sanded it and undercoated it; on Saturday morning I did the gloss paint, and that’s another one ticked off the list. Don’t know when I’ll get to do the other three that need work, though, let alone the dormer cheeks and…
Anyway, I had a phone interview from an organisation that’s looking at professional development for artists working in community settings; anything I can do to help! I handled the mail, and picked plums and pears – hardly any this year, whereas last year I was giving bags of them away – and mowed the back lawn. I had loads of typing to do for the prison; I did what absolutely had to be done on Friday, but I still haven’t finished it all. I did some prep for a performance I’m doing tomorrow, and handled the emails. The Daughter was home for the night with a friend; it’s always nice to have her back home. They helped me decide what to wear for my brother’s forthcoming wedding.
On Saturday I did some prep for the work in care homes, and found that one of my autumn projects might not happen; not enough people have signed up for it. This is a real shame. In the afternoon I collected the banner to advertise TADS’ production of Quartet; it’s lovely! The Bloke and I put it up on some railings on Sunday, and I wrote a poem that might go out on radio Gloucestershire, if all goes well and I find time to record it. Goodness knows when I’ll do that… I did loads of prison typing on Sunday, and today we went to the Pershore Plum Fair. In the rain. It was a bit damp.
This evening we had a rehearsal, a full runthrough from start to finish. The first complete runthrough is always tricky; everyone’s a bit nervous and it shows in their performances. But next time they will know they can do it, and it should all settle down a bit.
The big concern, though, is the small number of tickets that have been sold so far. We’ve done far more on publicity than ever before – flyers sent with each copy of the Roses’ programme; bits in the press; the banners. It’s a lovely play and TADS has a good reputation. How can we get people to come and see it? It would be such a shame if it had to be performed to tiny audiences, not to mention the fact that we would lose a lot of money on it.
Oh well; I’ve done all I can. And this week, there will be no more decorating or gardening. Even without the bad weather, I’ve got so much to do that I will be stuck inside.

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