Head down

At the time, it felt as if a lot of effort went into the Week of The Wedding Cake, and the Week of The Play, but now I realise that these were just warm-ups for the Weeks of Work. One down and five to go, and I just have to keep my head down and get on with it.
After the school on Monday, I handled some emails, did some prep for my new group in Moreton, and sent some queries about the script and score for the big band project. I took out some energy on the vicious prickly rose half-way down my garden; after my hacking, it might not rip me to shreds each time I mow the lawn. Hah!
I got up-to-date with emails, and sorted through the entries for the Poetry on Loan competition.
I was supposed to be starting another new project this morning, but I hadn’t heard from the people running it for a while so I sent an email to them on Tuesday to confirm that it was all still going ahead. Several emails and phone calls later, I finally got an answer on Friday morning – no, they were really sorry; the letters hadn’t gone out through an administrative error, so no participants would be available; they were trying to phone them but… I suggested we should leave it for a couple of weeks so they could get it sorted out. Hooray! This means an extra two mornings free during my busiest period; well, not free, exactly, but available for work at home.
Anyway, I spent the morning at Cheltenham hospital, and found two lovely and inspiring people to work with. One wanted me to write a poem fro the Mobile Chemotherapy Units, which I did, and at his suggestion, sent it to them. They are delighted with it, and want to put it on their website. I did the writeup and went to work in the care home in Worcester. This was an excellent session; we are acquiring more participants each week. The room will be full soon. I mowed the front jungle, had a long call from The Daughter, answered more emails, and went to see Most wanted man. This is a spy movie; I like spy movies, and this was written by the master, John le Carré, with excellent performances and a good script.
On Wednesday morning I did the care home writeup, and some prep for the Moreton ArtLift group, and lots of work on the prison book. The Moreton group went well; we weren’t sure how many would turn up but six people came and all seemed to enjoy it a lot. Writeup again, and then I listened twice through to the prison radio play which The Bloke has mixed for me. I did some prep for the group I was supposed to start today, just in case it was going ahead, and did a lot of work on the Poetry on Loan competition – dividing the entries up between the judges and setting out some guidelines for marking the poems entered.
On Thursday I had problems with my emails; the server was down or something, and I spent a bit of time faffing about with that. And off to Hereford Hospital, where again I found two great people to work with. After writing that up, I went into Cheltenham to work on an unusual project for the Cheltenham Literature Festival, called Behind Closed Doors. Four visual artists have been working with ordinary people to create artworks that will be displayed in their homes, for viewing by the public, during the LitFest. I am visiting two of the homes, writing a response to the artworks and the participants, and the first was on Thursday. I took lots of notes while I was there, and finished the poem by Saturday morning. On the way back I called in to collect some Artlift forms, and then to The Roses to collect the TADS Quartet banner which we had had displayed there. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do with it, now I’ve got it home…
In the evening I had a long discussion with The Bloke about the prison book and cd, and did some prep for a little piece of work I’m doing this afternoon.
And I paid my speeding fine.
Going through the emails, I found that someone had made a complaint about a poem I performed in Telford recently. I’ve done this poem hundreds of times in open places, on national BBC radio, and even in Gloucester cathedral, and nobody has ever complained before. At first I was upset and mortified, but later I grew baffled – why would they complain? It kept me awake that night, but in the morning I phoned the library staff about it, and they said it wasn’t too big a deal, and not to worry.
Friday, and weekly accounts, and prep for the Poetry on Loan meeting, and prep for this week’s care home visit, and off to Birmingham for the actual PoL meeting. These are always inspiring; my library contacts do so much.
In the evening I updated the PoL website, and did my marking for the competition, and checked through half of the prison book, and send off the first version of the Behind Closed Doors poem…
which I amended overnight and resent on Saturday. They like it. Phew! Lots of emails and a long call from the Son, and finally, finally I managed to put away all the play stuff and tidy up a bit. Over the weekend I finished checking the prison book – but I had some time off, too. We went to see the sand sculptures at Weston-super-Mare, and strolled along the pier and the seafront; and the sea came in (almost unheard of in Weston) so we even had a paddle. It was lovely.
But now, of course, its head down again. Week two, here I come…

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