Heating up

Actually, I’ve just put the heating on, although I’ve sworn to myself that it will be only for an hour.
But the rest of my life is building up the two busiest weeks. Not that I’ve been slouching around this week. Monday was prep and writeups and emails, and then my first meeting with a new group in Cinderford. They were so good! Apparently all six of them have written in the past, but they are suffering from a communal writers’ block. We’ll soon get rid of that. I cut down a few nettles (can’t have my garden waste bin collected half-empty, not when I’ve paid for it). More prep and writeups, and a re-edit of the prison book; and I managed a little bit of time with The Son, who was home briefly.
On Tuesday I made some Poetry on Loan phone calls before going to work at Hereford Hospital. That went well, as did the session in the care home in the afternoon – they were full of memories about Sunday lunches when they were younger. In the evening we went to see Walk among the tombstones, which was kept nicely tense.
On Wednesday it was up early to do a little performance in Pleck library, for a 50+ group, with Fergus McGonigal and Roz Goddard. They were a wonderful audience, and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I went straight from there to my group in Moreton-in-Marsh hospital, which went well apart from a little contretemps with the matron. I didn’t know hospitals still had matrons like that! I did my end-of-month accounting before going to see another film – there’s a lot of good stuff on at the moment. It was Riot Club – well-scripted and acted, although a little bit predictable. I sorted out the final marks for the Poetry on Loan competition, so that I could notify the winners on National Poetry Day.
And I heard that a woman who had been in one of my writing groups had committed suicide. This is so sad. Of course, one feels guilty; I haven’t been in touch with her for a couple of years. But I know that really there’s probably nothing I could have done.
So, on with the week. Thursday was National Poetry Day, and apparently nobody wanted me for anything. Never mind; I spent a lot of the morning updating the Poetry on Loan website, which seemed fitting., And I did some other PoL stuff too. Lots of writeups, and then off to Cheltenham Hospital where I worked with a lovely couple. I suddenly remembered that I was supposed to have a director’s report ready for the TADS’ meeting in the evening, so I rustled one up before I left. And I handled some emails.
And I had a text from The Son, who is in Disney World with his girlfriend, to say that he is now engaged. Well, well. Lots of excitement!
Friday was non-stop – accounts, invoices, writeups, washing, more washing, planning, prep, more prep, PoL stuff, mowing, emails (still not up-to-date), practice for the brass band event, tidying, defrosting my frost-free freezer (huh!), and ironing. I knew I would have very little time during this coming week, so it all had to be done on Friday.
On Saturday I wrote up the TADS meeting minutes and cleaned most of the house – I have a visitor coming this week! And on Sunday I worked on the Birmingham carers’ book, and went out for a bike ride – it seemed important to make the most of the last bit of good weather. In the evening there was a band rehearsal. And today – it’s been a new group in a GP surgery (a group of one person today), and Cinderford again.
And now the heating’s on, and I’ve still got a few weeks with work heat on, until everything cools down. Usually I like it hot, but you can have too much of a good thing…

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