The beginning of the end

I am now in the sixth week of my seven incredibly busy weeks. It’s taken its toll a bit over the last few days, but some of my 13 projects are nearing their ends, and it won’t be long before I have enough clear days to finish off everything that should have been finished off ages ago. I hope.
So, on Monday I had a difficult day, when it looked as if two of my projects would be stopped dead, because of funding issues. This would have been a terrible disappointment for the participants, but fortunately the problem was resolved by the middle of the week, and they will continue – more work for me, of course, but that’s not important compared to what the people get out of it. It did mean a lot of time writing emails, though.
I spent the afternoon with my Cinderford group, who are excellent writers, and did some writeups, and caught up with the weekend’s emails. More emails on Tuesday morning, followed by my last session at Hereford Hospital, which went well – and that project is finished now; or at least it will be when I’ve had time to write the report.
In the afternoon I was at a meeting about the work in the care home. This has encountered a few problems, and it’s great to have the support of the people running the project. I caught up with Monday’s emails, and then went to see What we did on our holidays, which was surprisingly good. I had expected it to be a bit treacly, but it wasn’t at all – or at least, only a little bit.
I was at home on Wednesday morning, writing up the hospital stuff and preparing for other things, and The Son came home for a while. In the afternoon I worked with my group in Moreton; I push them so hard and they just give everything a go. I had to drive straight from there to a meeting in Birmingham about the young writers groups; again, this is a project with excellent support, and of course it’s always good to meet colleagues – but oh, driving in Birmingham gets more and more difficult and time-consuming.
I came home and did the Moreton writeup, and paid loads of Poetry on Loan invoices, and handled Tuesday’s emails – still one day behind!
On Thursday I was in hospital again – Cheltenham this time, where I found two really interesting men to work with. A quick trip to the bank, and then home to write the hospial stuff up and do prep for the next round of workshops. The Bloke was keen to see The equalizer, so we did that in the evening, but it was a bit disappointing – slow, and needed editing..
Friday – accounts day, and a session at a hospice, which went really well. More writeup, and actions that I needed to take as a result of the meetings I’d been to, and prep for the young people on Saturday – and then a private viewing in the Wilson gallery in Cheltenham of some work I did for Cheltenham Literature Festival. I had written poems in response to …oh, it’s a long story, but it concerned artworks I hadn’t seen, and people whom I had met, and poems about both groups – and here they were, all together. It was interesting.
I did a bit of practice for the band project, worked on the minutes of the Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting, which I should have finished ages ago, and finally caught up with all the emails.
Hooray, the weekend! – except I had a group of 13 eight to ten year olds, and a very lively bunch they were too. I was shattered by the end of it, and went to sleep in the afternoon. The next day, Sunday, the weather was lovely, and we went to Croome, where I might be doing some work soon. The grounds were pleasant, and the house, which is undergoing a complete refurbishment, was interesting; I think I prefer these big rooms empty rather than full of nasty old furniture. I realise that this is probably a minority view… And I fell asleep again, and went to a rehearsal for Images of Tewkesbury. Come and see it! The Tewkesbury Town Band, the Town Crier, five choirs, the battle re-enactors and me! In Tewkesbury Abbey, once only, Saturday 25th, 7 pm; tickets available from The Roses Theatre box office.
Ok, plug over – but it is going to be good, honestly.
And today it’s been back on the road again – Ross-on-Wye this morning ,with a lovely little group of ladies, and Cinderford Allstars this afternoon. I was feeling a bit tired, but a long call from The Daughter has perked me up a bit. Now, three lots of writeups, the LPF minutes, the Hereford Hospital report – and I can sleep again, knowing that the end is in sight.

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