Winding down

Many of the projects I’ve been working on are gradually coming to a close, and at last I feel that I can actually take an hour or two off, now and then. Well, almost.
After doing the blog last Monday I did the writeups for the two groups I’d worked with earlier, caught up with the emails up to Saturday, and sent some invoices. By Tuesday I had reached Monday’s emails, and spent a bit of time making sure I knew the state of the Poetry on Loan finances. I slashed at some nettles and brambles in the garden, and went for my last session at the care home. They were lovely – lots of chat and fun, and they gave me a card and a little present, which I really hadn’t expected. I did some of the writeup when I got home, and handled the day’s emails, and went to see Fury. This was well acted and very vivid, but had a few plot holes (if there’s an immobile tank in your way, surrounded by smoke, why don’t you just go round it?)
On Wednesday morning I had a good session at the hospital, and worked with my little GP group in Moreton; not many there this week, but I think it was half-term there. I did the writeups, and went to see The Maze Runner. This is an absolutely dreadful film, almost (but not quite) the worst I have seen this year. Don’t go and see it.
Thursday was mostly a prep day – for a poetry on demand session on Friday, and for various activities over the weekend, and for the Monday groups. I finished the care home writeup and handled emails, and made my Christmas cakes – two of them! I do enjoy doing this. And I did some work on the book for the carers’ project back in July.
On Friday I wrote an angry poem, and went to Market Drayton, which is quite a long way for me. This was for the Drayton ArtsFest, an admirable event set up by volunteers with all sorts of different arts included. I was doing poetry on demand in the library with Spoz. We were both busy all afternoon, and the people we wrote poems for seemed pleased with them, so a good afternoon all round – plus the cheapest car parks I have come across for a long time.
In the evening I went along with The Bloke on a ghost hunting expedition. I should say that he was the one who wanted to do this, largely so that he could see bits of the two buildings involved that are not usually open to the public. And oh, it was a long night. Absolutely nothing happened, of course, because there are no ghosts or spirits inhabiting these (or indeed any) places. None of the “equipment” showed anything at all; the Ouija board produced totally ridiculous results; one woman who really, really wanted to be touched by a ghost said, 10 minutes from the end, that she had been. So, basically, nothing at all. And we were doing it from 7 pm until 3 am. The Bloke owes me.
Saturday involved a bit of shopping and some emails. Sunday was fun! The Son and The Daughter went with me to my mum’s house in Cheshire, to see her and to pick the apples from her tree. A good time was had by all.
And today, I have worked with my lovely little group in Ross, and had the last session with my amazing group in Cinderford. One more project finished – except for the evaluation report, that is. And apart from the huge backlog of emails and a whole host of other things, I do feel that I am winding down. A bit.

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