The week started with a meeting, and I had several more during the week; apart from that it’s been a bitty week. On Monday afternoon, after the LPF meeting, I answered emails and did the final version of the carers’ book, and wrote some notes of the meeting. In the evening we went to see The drop, which was dark and gripping and surprising.
On Tuesday I had a meeting with Fergus McGonigal; we’re going to be writing a poem together. It’s always good fun seeing Fergus, so it didn’t feel like an official meeting at all. I fixed up a meeting about a project I’m going to be doing next year with Gloucestershire libraries, and spent some time looking for something. I have far, far too much stuff, and one day I really will throw it all out – but not yet. I spent rather more time preparing for a talk I’m giving this weekend.
Wednesday was a good day, with an excellent session at the hospital in the morning – poetry works wonders for people! In the afternoon I was with my GP group in Moreton, but sadly only one person turned up again. At least she gets a lot out of it. I did the writeups for both sessions, and some more work on the talk, and ordered Christmas presents. I’ve given in and accepted that Christmas is coming this year, and fairly soon.
Poetry on Loan is getting near the end of its funding period now, and I need to keep a careful eye on the finances, so I spent quite a bit of time on Thursday sorting everything out. We will have no trouble spending all our grant this time. I prepared some poems for a little gig on Friday, and went for a swim, which was lovely. After tidying my office a bit, I got everything ready for my young people’s group, and did the weekly accounts, and went to see Order of disappearance. This is a Norwegian film with subtitles; it was dark, funny, very, very strange, and extremely good. The only other Norwegian film I have seen was about hunting trolls. It must be the long dark nights.
Meeting time again on Friday, with a bunch of poets who are writing about Croome, a National Trust property only about 10 miles from where I live. We got quite a lot done. I actually managed to do a bit of gardening in the afternoon – well, hacking about at overhanging branches – and got up-to-date with all the emails, which always makes me feel good. I even sorted out the snail mail, and did a little slot at an evening of medical-themed poetry in Cheltenham.
On Saturday I had my group of young writers in Pershore. We had a slightly smaller group than last time, and they were brilliant – lively but focussed. Next time we’re putting on a performance for the parents and they all worked hard on their pieces. In the afternoon we went to Gloucester, where there was a Victorian market. It was huge, and crowded, and I went on the helter-skelter.
And yesterday I bought some paint. Of all the stupid things to do, this week I plan to paint the dining room window. This morning I’ve brushed off the loose stuff and treated the rot; this afternoon I’ll start the filling. As long as it doesn’t rain I should get it done this week, because I have no more meetings until Friday.

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