A mistake

I made a big mistake this week. I don’t often make big mistakes…
I made a little mistake, trying to paint an outside window frame during a week that was cold and damp; paint takes a long, long time to dry in these conditions, and it’s not good keeping a window open on cold days. But anyway, it’s all been done, so it won’t rot away during the winter.
I did the writeup for my young writers’ group on Monday, went for a swim, caught up with the emails, and entered a competition – something I very rarely do. I won’t win.
On Tuesday I worked at the hospital. I’m so pleased that this work is going to continue; I’m inspired by the people I meet there, and they seem to find the experience really rewarding too. I did all my offline Christmas shopping, came home and wrote up the hospital stuff, and saw Interstellar. It was ok; very loud and very long, but well put together, apart from the rather silly bits at the end.
I had loads of emails to handle on Wednesday, but I lightened this by buying a Wowcher trip to Disneyland Paris – a birthday present for the bloke – at a very good price. He’s a really difficult person to buy presents for, so it’s good to have this sorted. I set up the mole repeller in the garden (they really work!), and practised my talk for the Soroptimists’ Literary Dinner at the weekend. And I had another swim. I’m working with some schoolkids at Brockhampton, a National Trust property, this week, so I did some prep for that, and had long calls from both The Son and The Daughter, and started work on my funding bid to the Arts Council for continuing Poetry on Loan. This is such a big job, and it has to be handled in small chunks, I find.
In Thursday I got all up-to-date with Poetry on Loan stuff, and did more practice for my talk, and sorted out the clothes I would wear – evening dress! Another swim (hard work this time), and some clearing, during which I found an envelope with 110 Euros in, which was of course a very pleasant surprise. In the evening we saw The imitation game, which was an excellent movie; highly recommended.
I went to an ArtLift meeting on Friday morning. Meeting my Artlift colleagues is always refreshing; we have worked together for seven years now, but see each other only about four times a year. More practice, and work on my accounts, and emails; and in the evening I went to hear a friend’s band; actually I wanted to persuade him to be in a play, but I didn’t get anywhere with that.
So, Saturday, big dinner day. I finally finished the window painting. The Bloke came round to look at a problem with the cold water tank in the loft. I got all dressed up in my posh frock and pearls, and set off for the dinner. Oh dear. It all looked a bit quiet, and when I went into the venue, they told me that the dinner had been the night before. I felt awful. I pride myself on being totally reliable, and I had let them down. I know what happened; I wrote the date in my diary months ago, when the arrangement was first made, and although the correct date had been in the header line of a number of emails, I had completely ignored it because as far as I was concerned I knew I had the date written in my diary. What an idiot. Fortunately they had booked three speakers, so they managed without me perfectly well, but I felt so, so ashamed about having let them down. I phoned immediately to apologise but only got through to voicemail, so I had to just curl up and be angry with myself all evening. The nice lady from the Soroptimists phoned on Sunday morning to say it was all ok; just one of those things; not to worry about it, which was a great kindness. This is the first time I have let anyone down like this in over thirteen years, since I’ve been self-employed, and it will never, never happen again.
And on Sunday – well, we spent most of the day looking at holidays. I think I need a holiday. Or something.

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