Escape bid

That’s what I’d like to do: escape from the coils of the Arts Council funding bid. It’s keeping me awake at night.
There’s never any escape from emails, of course, and dealing with those took up most of Monday. I did manage a swim and a long work-related phone call as well, though, and some Christmas cards – and of course some work on the funding bid. On Tuesday I had a look at a project I might apply for with a friend; it’s big and complicated, and my heart sinks at the thought of putting in a bid for it, but it would be great if it came off. I did lots of Poetry on Loan work, mostly in preparation for our meeting on Friday, and had my last session for this year at the hospital; it was a really good one. I called in on my way back at the place where I always get my Christmas trees; they said it all gone mad this year, with people starting to buy trees in November. The girl advised me to get mine as soon as possible. I got in and wrote up the hospital stuff, and in the evening went to see St Vincent, which was very enjoyable.
On Wednesday we had a few power cuts, which meant a bit of a pain restarting the computer several times. But I did some work on the bid, and prep for a meeting, and had my last session with my GP group in Moreton – three of them, which was a bit better than the recent sessions. One of them suddenly seemed to get the hang of it, and started writing really well; what a shame it’s our last session! And I finished writing all my Christmas cards. I am of the generation that gives and sends Christmas cards, real ones.
And once I had woken up on Thursday morning, worrying about the funding bid, I had a brainwave about a play I have written but that I couldn’t cast – the one man in it could easily be a woman! I checked it all when I got up and yes, it won’t need much of a rewrite. I immediately emailed someone who I thought might like to play the revised part. Later she said yes, so it looks like it’s all going ahead. I did lots of prep for Friday and for my young people’s group, and got my tree and banked some cheques and had another swim and did some shopping; and came home ready to tackle all the emails. I also tried calling a holiday company about something I’d booked; after half an hour of being told that my call was important to them, I gave up. I updated the Poetry on Loan website, and did some more work on the funding bid. In the evening we had a TADS meeting, and everyone agreed that my play should go into next year’s Worcestershire play festival; I’ll need to get some things sorted out before then. I rounded off the evening, as you do, by doing my weekly accounts.
On Friday I woke early again; this bid is really preying on my mind. I set off for the PoL meeting in Birmingham; this time, rather than face the traffic in the city centre, I parked in a station near The Daughter’s house, and went in by train. It was really easy and convenient, and I’ll be doing this again. The German market was on in Birmingham, and I had a little look, amazed as always at the ridiculous prices for everything, and the fact that you can buy reindeer burgers. Honestly – it would be like eating Bambi! We had a good meeting, and sorted out quite a lot of things – some of which mean that I will have to revise quite a lot of the bid that I have already done. Sigh. Still, it’s important to get it right. In the evening, the Daughter and her boyfriend took me out for a meal, which was lovely. There were quite a few emails waiting when I got home, so I had a quick go at those.
No rest on Saturday! My young writers in Pershore were putting on a little show for parents. They were terrific, and I was very proud of them.
And then I seem to have slept for most of the rest of the weekend, waking only to revise the budget for the funding bid.
Today I had a meeting about a project next year with Gloucestershire libraries, and went to see the venue for an Artlift course starting in January. I returned home to find my income tax bill; always a lovely Christmas present, although I don’t actually mind paying it.
Tomorrow I plan to work all day on the bid, and with any luck I’ll get it finished. Escape is nigh…

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