And what have we done?

Well, this week, not much, except cleaning and cooking and eating and washing up and spending lovely time with the people I care about.
But I guess it’s time to look back over the year. I’ve worked in two prisons and a care home, with three young people’s groups and a carers’ group and in a number of schools, and a hospice and two hospitals, and with several GP surgery groups and the Gloucestershire Probation Service; and they have all given so much effort and, in most cases, surprised themselves.
As a result of all of these, five books and two play CDs have been produced – something for people to treasure for years.
I’ve written quite a lot of poems, and all the words for the Tewkesbury Band project, which is the thing I’m most proud of this year. I’ve performed a bit, and won three slams, although not the one I would really like to win. And I’ve written the Poetry on Loan funding bid; not quite so creative, but more useful.
I’ve directed a play, and just started on another one. I’ve seen more than 50 films and read I don’t know how many books, and I’ve had adventures – racing toy boats on a flooded car park, a holiday in Rhodes, feeding red pandas and lemurs, seeing the Lightning Seeds in Liverpool, kayaking and capsizing, indoor surfing…And I’ve been swimming a lot.
I’ve cleared my office (this year’s contribution to my perpetual New Year’s resolution to clear my house up), and painted it, and painted quite a lot of door and window frames; and grown tomatoes and cucumbers from seed, and kept my poinsettia alive and watched its bracts turn red. And I’ve made a new house sign, and a three-tier wedding cake for my brother.
I’ve helped The Daughter move house; The Son has become engaged; I’ve reached pensionable age (really?). The only real problem I’ve had is detached vitreous in my left eye, which still causes a few problems – oh, and the time I missed an engagement (the other kind) completely.
But oh, it’s been a good year, full of work and fun and adventures, and I finish it more aware than ever that the world is an amazing place, full of amazing people.

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