I’ve thought for a long time that I should have encouraged The Children to be plumbers; the world will always need plumbers. Nobody wants a soggy carpet.
But I seem to have started 2015 as, no doubt, it will continue; a mixture of good and bad. I had the very pleasant experience of having my portrait drawn, by the smashing Kim Hill; this was part of a joint application we have made for some work. We spent quite a lot of Tuesday working on this, and our proposal is all in now. Fingers crossed! We also handed over the Artlift referrals admin stuff. Kim has been doing this, but now she has a new job and I’m taking it over just for a few months, to keep things going.
I definitely need more work in, and I’ve also written a proposal for some other work, but I know it will take them ages to consider it.
I’ve made quite a lot of progress with the book of hospital pieces. I had to check that I had permission to use all the poems I want, and go through the awful process of leaving some out (because otherwise the book would be much too big), and I’ve started formatting them, and decided on a title. I can’t really finish the formatting, though, until The Bloke has done some line drawings to accompany the poems.
I’ve started using some new language learning software, to improve my Greek. I had to get some headphones with a mic for this, and I’ve now realised that I can listen to music on my laptop through these and it sounds terrific, even though they were only cheap. I won’t do this often, though; I can’t write anything with music on, because it upsets my rhythms.
I definitely picked up bargain of the week. The header tank for my heating system is in the loft. It has never had a lid, and I couldn’t get one. But in the B&Q sale, they were selling plastic storage boxes for 1p each. Two of these together and – yes! Perfect tank lid. The Bloke kindly came round and fitted a new float assembly for the tank because the overflow was constantly spewing water, and while he was here with his kit, he connected the overflow for the loo upstairs, which for some reason had never been done. He used some old sealant from my garage. We went back to his house and happily celebrated a quiet New Year’s Eve. Next day I noticed a few marks on the hall carpet, but took no notice; on Friday morning it was squelchy; water was running from the new overflow connection. The Bloke came round immediately and found that the sealant had dissolved completely, and fixed it (thank you, The Bloke!), but I was left with a very wet hall carpet. Since then I’ve been lifting it, drying it and then trying to put it back down again. I am no carpet fitter.
We saw Exodus on Tuesday; good special effects but the script really wasn’t very good. There are so many good writers – how come there are so many films with poor scripts?
I finally got round to doing two jobs that have been on my list for ages – backing up my files (I know, I ought to do it more often), and clearing out the bathroom cupboard. We have had mice. It was horrible. The mice have gone now, I think, but not without leaving evidence of their presence.
And I did my end of month accounts, and sewed a pocket into The Bloke’s new jacket, and bought a new lightweight little case for my forthcoming trip (more about this later).
This week I have very little on; most unusual. The question is – which of all my outstanding jobs do I do? My Gloucestershire book, or sorting out the living room? Painting and decorating or taking stuff to the tip? Actually, with all the emails and the bits and pieces to finish off I’ll probably do none of these; we’ll see. As long as the carpet stays dry…

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