Getting round to it

This week I’ve got round to doing a few things that have been waiting for ages, as well as starting something new.

I’ve taken over, temporarily, as the referrals co-ordinator for Artlift; this is the project that puts artists in with people referred by GPs and other health professionals. The previous co-ordinator has taken another job, and I’ve stepped in for three months just to keep things going. It’s just admin work, really – nothing exciting – but I want to make sure that it all keeps going so I’m helping out. It should have been straightforward, but there have been loads of calls and emails, and trouble with the dedicated phone, and it’s taken more of my time this week than I anticipated.

I’ve had my first session this year at the hospital, which went well – and I’ve very nearly finished putting together the book of pieces from the hospital work from the last three years. It’s so hard deciding which pieces to leave out! But now I’ve made all the decisions, and The Bloke has designed a cover for me, and I’ve just got to put a few more little drawings in, and then it can all go off to Lulu for publishing. I’ve chosen a few pieces that might be framed and put up on the walls in the Oncology waiting room, too.

I’ve also done a lot of work on the book from my Tewkesbury GP surgery group – this has been waiting since July! I’m determined to get it done now.

And I’ve cleared the front room. This might not sound like much, but it’s gradually been acquiring bits and pieces from The Daughter’s flat, and various plays, and it took me most of a morning to get it sorted out. I’ve put some stuff up for sale on eBay, and some other things on Freecycle, and I need to take more stuff to the charity shop. A good start with my resolution to clear my house up. Only a start, though.

I’ve done some prep for two sessions this week, one with a new group in Gloucester and one with my young people’s group in Pershore.

I’ve worked on my Greek (I have some new software), and started learning my lines. Oh yes – I’m going to be acting again. I didn’t want to, but one of the people in my one-act play has had to drop out, and it makes a lot of sense for me to take her part, so in the end I gave in to pressure and agreed to do it. I haven’t done any acting for years, and I’m quite nervous about this. First real rehearsal this evening!

I’ve been swimming twice. The second time was a bit of a problem. I wound down my car window as I reversed out of my drive, as I always do, and it wouldn’t go back up again. I went straight to my handy car repair place and they fixed it temporarily, but I’m going to need a new mechanism; no idea how much that’s going to cost. Meanwhile I’m driving round with no door panel on; it all looks very strange.

I’ve written four poems. I’ve somehow got involved in two groups with weekly poem-writing prompts, and I’m also exchanging prompts with a Facebook buddy; one I wrote because I just had an idea for a poem. I’m quite pleased with them.

And I went to see Birdman. Go and see it! It’s a terrific film, well written and well acted, with a delightful blend of fantasy and realism.

And of course, there have been the events in Paris. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? It’s all so wrong. I believe everyone has the right to believe what they want to believe; I also believe that I have the right to criticise their beliefs, and argue with them, and yes, even mock them, just as anyone else has the right to criticise and mock me. As someone said, just because you’re offended doesn’t mean you’re right.

One day I’ll get round to saying all this properly. Not that it will make any difference to anyone, of course.

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