Some you win…

At the beginning of the year, I started working as the temporary Artlift referrals co-ordinator. I’m only doing this to keep things going, until our next lot of funding is definite and we can get a permanent person. One of my main tasks was to set up a residency in Cirencester, which means finding a venue, booking dates, getting the referrals in, and so on – and I’m most of the way there! People have been very helpful, and we have the venue and dates sorted out; now all I need is some participants. And they want me to run the residency, which is excellent news. I’ve spent a lot of time on emails and phone calls for Artlift, over the week.

On the other hand, the large bit of work that Kim Hill and I applied for didn’t come through; shame.

We’ve had a good rehearsal for my new play, and sorted out a date to get some bits of scenery from the barn where they are stored. And I’ve finished the book of hospital pieces and got a proof copy – although the next job is making a list of the names and addresses of the people with poems in the book, so that we can send letters to all of them to tell them about it. That’s going to take me a few hours of boring work.

I’ve had my car window repaired – but it cost quite a bit of money. I’ve sold some things on eBay, but not all of the ones I had listed.

I spent a whole day at a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting, which I expected to be rather boring, but in fact it was really interesting; a great opportunity to share ideas.

I’ve seen The theory of everything, which I expected to be stunning. It was ok, but it didn’t really engage me.

I had a really good session at the hospital, but I still haven’t heard from them about whether they are going to sign my contract, which is all a bit worrying.

First session with a new Artlift group in Longlevens, in a rather dingy, cold community hall – but the people were great, and delighted with what they achieved. This is going to be a really good group.

My young people’s group in Pershore went well, too. I got them to write plays about a family car journey, which they found good fun, and the collaborative writing required was a really good exercise for them.

And I wrapped The Bloke’s birthday presents, but the really big one can’t be wrapped – I’ll write about that next week. At the weekend we went out with our model motor boats to the flooded car park in Tewkesbury, but the boats wouldn’t work well and we got very cold, wet feet.

And today – today I have so much to do that I’d better stop this now. Never mind the few disappointments this week – it’s been mostly winning, and that’s good enough for me.

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