An adventure

Not long ago, I saw a sticker on the back of a VW camper van that said Adventure before dementia. This seems like a good idea to me, and this week I’ve been on a little adventure. But there have been sad moments, too.

On Monday, my cousin phoned to say that my uncle has cancer, and may not have long to live. He is in his eighties. He was a special person in my childhood – when everything was grey, in the late 50s and early 60s, he would occasionally zoom into our lives in an open-top sports car, with a glamorous girlfriend (and once a standard poodle), in his airline pilot’s uniform. Until very recently he has played with a jazz band. I’ve been trying to phone his wife but haven’t made contact yet.

Apart from that, I sent off some things I’d sold on eBay, wrote up the minutes of the TADS meeting, did some Artlift stuff, went to rehearsal (which went really well), and wrote two poems.

And packed. Not much packing, because it was only a short trip, with hand luggage only. But Tuesday was The Bloke’s birthday, and I was taking him (thanks to a really good Wowcher deal) to Disneyland Paris. It’s been an absolute pain making all the arrangements; the deal covered the flights, two nights in a hotel, and one day’s ticket to the parks. I’ve had to book a taxi from the airport to the hotel (we were arriving too late for the usual shuttles or the train), and train tickets back, and an extra day’s park tickets, and I really understand now how package holidays make life easier.

But anyway, the flight from Bristol was fine, and we could see the Eiffel Tower from the plane; the taxi driver was waiting for us, and on the way to the hotel I managed to talk to him in French about football. The hotel was fine, despite some awful reviews on Tripadvisor, and next day we went to the main park. It was very cold! Which was excellent; we didn’t queue for more than 5 minutes for any of the rides. I even managed one ride with a loop, although I did feel a bit ill afterwards. We had a good meal at the end and went back to the hotel with sore feet – we’d been walking around for 8 hours. In the bus on the way back to the hotel we sat by a Greek family, so I even got to practise a bit of Greek.

Next day we went to the movie park. This wasn’t quite so good because two of the rides we wanted to go on were closed for refurbishment, and I was very foolish and went on two rides that said they weren’t suitable for people who suffer from motion sickness, and yes, I was sick. It was my own stupid fault. We went by train (top floor on a double-decker TGV) back to CDG airport, caught the plane home after a long wait at the passport control, and got home just before midnight.

And now it seems like weeks ago already.

On Friday I worked with my Artlift group in Gloucester, who are really terrific, and caught up with all the emails, and had some good news. My proposal for a project at Hereford Hospital along the same lines as the work I do in Cheltenham has been accepted!

And on Saturday one of The Bloke’s cats had to be put to sleep. She was very old and  had been unwell for a long time, and now things were really bad. Anyone with pets will understand what this is like.

Anyway, adventures are over for a while, so it’s back to lots of work. I’ll have to make do with tiny adventures, and I get those every week.

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