Not playtime as in playing, you understand; rather, time spent on preparations for my play. There’s been quite a bit of that this week, starting with a rehearsal on Monday, that went very well. I also savaged my rubber plant on Monday. It’s grown much too tall, and if unsupported by a curtain, it just flopped over, so I’ve chopped off the top third and repotted it with some rooting compound. It’s quite important to me, this plant; its great-grandmother appeared in the house when I was about 10, and I plan to hand its offspring to my children (ha-ha! they don’t know the burden they are to be faced with).

I went swimming on Monday, too, but I didn’t manage to again because I wasn’t feeling too good. I was ok on Tuesday, which was just as well because three of us went to the old barn where TADS’ props and scenery are kept to retrieve some things we need for the play. I did a lot of Artlift stuff, too; during the week I’ve managed to contact lots of people who will refer participants for our new course in Cirencester, and sent them lots of posters and forms, and on Wednesday I went to see the venue – the Churn. It’s lovely! The ideal place.

We went to see American sniper  on Tuesday. This was a very powerful film, and better than I had expected.

In between the dentist and going to Cirencester on Wednesday I answered lots of emails and finished the list of people whose poems are in the hospital book. I took the proof copy in to the hospital on Thursday to show them – many expressions of delight! It’s all corrected now and the first batch of copies ordered. Next we have to contact all the people to tell them that their poem is in print…

By the time I got home from the hospital, where I had a good session with two people, I was feeling ill – cystitis again. I get this every two years or so, and it makes me feel miserable. There was nothing for it but to go to bed and drink gallons, and by the evening I thought I had staved it off.

I felt ok on Friday morning and went off to work with my terrific group in Longlevens, but things got worse and as soon as I got home I phoned the doctor, who wrote a prescription for antibiotics for me without even seeing me; I have this often enough for them to know that I know when I’ve got it. Back to bed for a while, but I had to get up and clear my car out a bit, and dig out some photo frames (needed for the play).

I did my end-of-month accounts on Saturday and caught up with the emails, and started sorting out my new phones. When they are in place I’ll be able to block all the annoying calls that tell me I’ve had an accident in the last few months, or that Microsoft want to do something to my computer, or … well, you know the kind of thing. They really annoy me.

I still didn’t feel quite right – in fact I still don’t now, despite the antibiotics – but on Sunday morning I took three other members of TADS off to the theatre where we will be performing the play. It’s a lovely little theatre in Droitwich, the Norbury, and the people there are friendly, helpful and charming.

And oh, there was a nice email inviting me to perform in Reading, in June. I haven’t perfromed for a while now, so that’s something to look forward to.

And then I hid under a blanket and wrote two poems. And worked on my lines. A lot of work goes into a play.

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