I’ve applied for a new passport this week; my old one would run out later this year and some airlines won’t allow you to fly if your passport has less than 6 months left, although the reason for this isn’t clear to me. Anyway, I had to get some new passport photos and they are awful. The last ones weren’t great but these are a nightmare, and I’ll have to live with them for 10 years. At least the application process was simpler than I remembered, though. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but I’ve been working a bit on my Greek, ready for my summer holiday… but more of that much, much later.

I did most of the passport application on Monday, plus a lot of Artlift work and a whole load of emails, and I even managed to fit in a swim. My season ticket for the pool has run out now, but I think I’ll get another one.

I spent the whole of Tuesday helping with the recruitment of the new Ledbury Poetry Festival manager. It was a long day, but I did manage to get a huge amount of mindless typing done (I wasn’t actually on the interview panel, you understand), so another long-awaited book of pieces is now a bit nearer to completion. I wrote a couple of poems, too.

When I got home, the central heating boiler wasn’t working – the light had gone out. The house was even colder than usual – but on the other hand my freezer had stopped beeping. Oh joy! It didn’t beep for more than 24 hours.

I had an excellent session at the hospital on Wednesday, with two terrific women. In the afternoon, I caught up with all the emails and did some prep, and in the evening saw The Shaun the Sheep movie. I didn’t really think I would enjoy this. For a start, I’m not good with films with no dialogue – I think that if nobody’s saying anything then nothing is happening. But my expectations were wrong; it was really good fun. Recommended.

I got a lot done on Thursday, but it was all little bits – Poetry on Loan stuff, Artlift emails, sorting out clothes for the dress rehearsal for my play (and for the funeral I’m going to this week), and lots of prep and emails. In the evening we had a rehearsal that went reasonably well, although I’m getting a bit anxious now because not everyone knows their lines… The Bloke filmed this rehearsal, largely to try out his new camera, but it was very useful to be able to watch it at the weekend.

My writing group in Longlevens excelled themselves again on Friday, and inspired me to sort through and answer the snail mail, not something I enjoy doing. It was another bitty day, really, but I got loads done – writeups and Artlift stuff, more work on the long-awaited book, emails and phone calls.

On Saturday I counted the molehills in my garden. There are twenty-seven. Little blighters. Once I had calmed down, it was a quiet weekend; more typing for the book, buying a few things for the play, and studying the video.

But this week is going to be busy. I spent this morning at one of the Artlift sessions, and after doing the form-filling, I had time to paint a picture. I wish I could use this instead of my passport photos; I am inordinately proud of it, and Sue, the lovely artist in charge, was kind enough to keep a straight face when she looked at it.

And in a minute I’ll be going off to rehearsal again. I’ll try not to think about how I looked on the video. I never was one for pictures.

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