Too busy to blog

Yes, I really shouldn’t be doing this but it would feel wrong not to. So, a very quick round-up of last week:

I’ve spend ages going over my lines for the play – and the other people’s lines, too, in case someone makes a mistake and I have to rescue the situation. We had a rehearsal on Monday and a full dress rehearsal on Wednesday; they didn’t go too badly, but there were mistakes… All the props looked great!

I did loads of prep.

I had a meeting at Croome Hall about some work I’ll be doing there during the summer, and that went really well; I’m going to enjoy this.

My Cirencester group – first session – was ok, but only four people came. I’m hoping for more this week.

I made some dust. Yes, you did read that right; I’ve made stage dust before, and the best way to do it is to crush coloured chalk – so that’s what I did.

I washed my car. It’s filthy again.

I answered loads of emails, as usual.

I had a session at the hospital, but there weren’t many people there; it wasn’t easy to find anyone to work with this week.

I went to a TADS meeting, which was jolly and positive.

On Friday I drove for nine and a half hours to get to my uncle’s funeral and back. It was worth it; he was a lovely man, and I met some cousins who I haven’t seen for, oh more than 40 years.

I worked with my young people’s group in Pershore. Gosh, they’re lively!

And I watched the video of the dress rehearsal of the play. Not long to go now, and it was very useful to see what still needs to be done.

And that’s it – it was a busy week, and this week will be even busier. Normal service will, I hope, be resumed next week.

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