Normal service not resumed yet

I’m still too busy to blog, really! I have so much to do and it’s all urgent. Sometimes I long for the 1950s, when everything was slower and more peaceful. And dull and grey and boring.

So, on Monday I ran a one-off workshop in Gloucester which went well and resulted in three referrals for Artlift – result! I packed up and sent off some things I had sold on eBay, and did lots of Artlift stuff – phone calls and emails – and wrote up the young people’s group stuff, and did my end-of-month accounting. Good rehearsal in the evening, and then I caught up with all the emails up to Sunday.

Tuesday meant a meeting in Ledbury about the Ledbury Poetry Festival’s community work, followed by more Artlift stuff and yet another check of the Poetry on Loan finances. We’re very nearly at the end of our funding period now, and if possible I’d like us to spend our last bit of money – we have a bit more than expected because of a late cancellation of an event. I had my second session with the Cirencester Artlift group which was terrific – so much laughter!. In the evening I saw The Second Best Marigold Hotel, which was charming, although not as good as the original.

On Wednesday I handled some emails and some Artlift emails and other stuff, and in the afternoon went to an ArtLift artists’ meeting in Dursley. It’s always good to meet up with the other artists, and we got quite a lot done, but it’s all ended up with more work for me to do. I caught up with all my emails! And printed out some photos of Poodle tree  rehearsals to be displayed at the theatre festival on Sunday. Of course, I’ve been going through my lines twice a day, every day…

On Thursday I went to the last Artlift session in Brockworth; people on these courses go on and on about how wonderful they are, how life-changing – if only we could get everyone to understand their value. After a final check of the PoL finances I emailed all my contacts to ask for requests for events in the next few weeks, and I did the actions I had promised to do at the Poetry Festival meeting. Our very last rehearsal was in the evening, and it was really, really good.

So, Friday, and my Artlift group in Longlevens. They are such good writers, and really keen to improve; a lovely group to work with. I cleared my car out, ready to take some passengers on Sunday, and wrote up the TADS meeting minutes from last week, rather later than usual. More Artlift emails – and then I went to be pampered for an hour; a Christmas present, which was lovely, but over too quickly.

I spent the evening doing the most tedious part of my Artlift work – recording the end-of-term data. Gosh, this is boring! I’ve done it for two of the residencies now, so I have seven more to go. And I wrote a reference for a friend.

On Saturday I caught up with the emails and got everything ready for Sunday, and in the afternoon went with The Bloke to look at a new car – for him, not me. He will probably buy a Polo, which is fine as long as I don’t have to sit in the back – the back seat is as hard and uncomfortable as a park bench. And oh, I really don’t like having to be with car salespeople.

And finally Sunday, the day of the Worcestershire Theatre Festival of one act plays. After all our preparations, it was time for us to put on our play. Our technical slot in the morning went really well, and I watched the three plays in the afternoon. We were on first in the evening. I was beset by nerves a little while beforehand, but I was ok by the time we were on, and I think we did it really well; there were laughs in the places where I had hoped people would laugh, and even a gasp of shock at the point where I had hoped people would be shocked. We had a very good assessment from the adjudicator, who criticised (rightly) some of our set but nothing else. And we didn’t win anything. One nomination, and that was all.

Going home was a bit of an anti-climax – but hey, it’s only a play and it doesn’t matter. We enjoyed doing it and the audience enjoyed watching it, so that’s fine.

And now – oh, I have so much to do this week, and I have no idea how I am going to get it all done. Head down, nose to the grindstone, all that rubbish – and perhaps next week I’ll be able to think a bit more about my blog instead of just typing in the first things that come into my head. Perhaps.

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