Business as usual

Actually, that should say “busyness as usual.” I’ve had to do a lot for my temporary Artlift job – recording information, making phone calls, updating the website – and that’s taken quite a lot of time this week.

As well as that, I’ve run my group in Cirencester, with two new people – it went really well! And had the last session with my group in Longlevens. Fortunately I’m going to have another term with them; they are all so keen and improving all the time. On Saturday I had a session with my young writers in Pershore, which was extremely lively and rather noisy – but they did some serious writing too, including some good stuff.

Working at the hospital on Wednesday was a lot quieter, of course. I worked with one lady who is in extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and one who was amazingly upbeat. I’ve had lots of replies to the emails I sent out about the new book of hospital poems; I think quite a lot of people will be buying the book. I’ve still got to do the mailout for the people without email addresses, though.

I saw Focus on Wednesday evening. It was entertaining enough, but nothing special.

While my car was being serviced on Thursday I did a bit of pruning and clearing in the front garden. After only an hour, my right wrist was really painful, and swollen enough for my watch to feel very tight. Oh dear. This is it; the onset of arthritis. I’ve had it in my thumbs for years, but now it has spread to the wrists. I’ve bought an arthritis glove now, which helps a bit, but it has left me feeling a bit depressed. And then my vacuum cleaner stopped working – but The Bloke has fixed it with a bit of soldering! I wouldn’t even have known how to get the lid off.

And, oh, what sad news about Terry Pratchett. I’ve read nearly all of his books, and quite often quote from them. I met him a few times – I drove him to and from the Cheltenham LitFest, and interviewed him for two festivals. He was a really interesting man, and has touched so many people’s lives with his writing.

Sunday was lovely! The Son and The Daughter took me out to lunch for Mother’s Day, and as always that were wonderful company. That was my last big meal for a while, though – I really must go on a  diet now so that I can wear a bikini when I go on holiday. I’ve been working on my Greek a lot, but I do want to sunbathe as well as speak. I need time to do some exercise.

It’s going to be another busy week this week, but at least I can stop worrying about one thing, because of one bit of really good news I had this week – Poetry on Loan has been awarded the full Arts Council grant we applied for. All that effort just before Christmas has paid off. It will be business as usual for PoL for the next two years. Hooray!

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