Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds is the one bit of gardening I really like – there’s such promise in the idea that these tiny dots will become big, flourishing plants. Not that they always do, of course.

On Monday I finished my Poetry on Loan internal evaluation report, the first stage in my Arts Council report.

On Tuesday I caught up with all the post-bank holiday weekend emails (hooray!), and prepared all the letters to go to people at the hospital who have poems in the latest book. I also had another session with my stunningly good Artlift group in Cirencester., and saw The water diviner. It was a good tale, well told, and it has lingered in my mind, which I think is a good thing for a movie.

And on Wednesday I said yes; I’ll be doing some work for Artlift, outside of my workshops, for a year. It might not be the most exciting job in the world, but it’s really useful, and that’s ok. And I hung the washing outside, for the first time this year! And I had a good session at the hospital, and practised for an event on Friday, and finished the Arts Council report. It took ages, but I hope that if they get good reports from us, they’ll be more likely to provide our future funding – so that’s sowing seeds too, in a way.

On Thursday I actually did sow some seeds. The foundations for my poor old shed were made of blocks with neat squares and rectangles in between them. I filled these with soil from the molehills, and planted radishes and poppies and cornflowers, so it won’t look so bare there soon. I did loads of Artlift work, and prep for the Poetry on Loan meeting, and collected some books from the library that I need for a project due to start soon, and went to a rehearsal for the play; updated the Poetry on Loan website and prepared for my next Cirencester session. Did I really do all that on Thursday? It’s amazing what a bit of sunshine does for me.

Off to Birmingham on Friday, for a PoL meeting. These are always good; hearing all the ideas gives everyone new ideas of their own, and I think we have sown the seeds for a fruitful two years for PoL – but that’s enough of seeds, really. I’m sure I’ll get fed up with watering the ones down the garden, which are too far for the hose to reach. I did some more practice for the event on 17th, and prep for a new group starting next week, and for my young people’s group in Pershore. And caught up with all the emails. Again.

Over the weekend I wrote a new little poem, and played on the adventure playground at Ragley Hall. I guess this is really meant for kids, but why should they have all the fun? I probably spend too much time thinking and planning, and this was just what I needed. Sod the seeds for a day.

P.S. All the practising and rehearsals are for a TADS fund-raising event, 7 pm, Friday 17th, Watson Hall, Tewkesbury. It will be a really good evening, with two great bands, two singers, some poems from me and my play. Please come along!

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