Working part time

I’ve been out every evening this week, which means that I’m well behind with my work. Weeks such as this make me realise how much of my work I do in the evenings; I don’t know if this is a good thing or not.

Monday was a bitty day. I took a copy of the long-awaited book to one of my Tewkesbury GP surgery group participants, and ordered 75 more books for the hospital – they’ve very nearly sold out of the first batch. I’ve had several letters and emails from people saying how pleased they are with them, which is always nice. I did some practice for Friday and checked through the props for the play, and did some Poetry on Loan prep work. I also emailed the Arts Council. After finishing my end of period activity report for the Arts Council for PoL, I found I’d left a few things out. It’s not possible to change the report once you’ve submitted it, so I thought I had better tell them because the errors, understandable though they were, might make a difference to how much money we get . I guess some people would think I shouldn’t have told them, because any extra money we have will always be used for a good cause, but I’d always rather be honest about these things. I haven’t heard back yet.

In the evening I saw Good kill, which was a powerful movie and one that has stayed with me.

On Tuesday there were a lot of Artlift emails and phone calls, and a visit to the hospital, where as so often I met two lovely, inspirational people, and in the afternoon I had my last session for now with my wonderful group in Cirencester, who improve each week. We’ll be starting up again early in May; I wonder what they will be like by the end of the second term? In the evening we had a TADS meeting, and made all the final preparations for our fund-raising event.

I’m struggling to work at all at the moment, because the blind in my office has broken. It has broken several times, and each time The Bloke has mended it, but this time it was just too far gone. I bought a new one over the weekend and tried to fit it first thing today, but even though it is apparently identical to the last one, the hooks are in different places so I can’t put it up yet; what’s more, the instructions are neatly rolled up inside the blind, which I can’t unroll. I think I’m quite an intelligent person; why are things so difficult? The sun shines directly through my office window in the mornings, which is lovely except that I can’t see anything on my screen. Oh well.

I did the hospital writeup on Wednesday, and phoned schools to try to make arrangements for a project I’ll be doing with Gloucestershire Libraries, and did a lot of Artlift stuff, and mowed the lawns, and then dashed off to a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting. I take the minutes for both TADS and the LPF; I’ve got to try to get them all written up today.

On Thursday I had a terrible headache, but I made three lots of cakes for the fundraiser, and prepared for my Longlevens group on Friday and my young people’s group in Pershore on Saturday and practised my poems for the fundraiser and tried to fix my blind and answered loads of emails and wrote a poem. In the evening we rehearsed my play, which was to be part of the fundraising event. My headache was really bad by then, and I could have done with an evening off.

But no. Friday morning was the Longlevens group, with some of the old people and a couple of really keen new ones. The usual torrent of emails; and then to Tewkesbury to get things set up for our fund-raising event.

I don’t know how much we raised, but the evening went off ok, although the audience was very quiet. I think they didn’t really know what to expect. We had some complimentary comments, though, and people didn’t want to leave at the end, so I guess they must have had a good time.

On Saturday morning I worked with my extraordinarily lively group of young people, and in the afternoon bought the new blind that I now can’t get to work. Sigh. And in the evening I slept. At last.

This week I don’t have to go out so much – only two evenings – so I should get a lot done. Back to full-time working.

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