I’ve got a lot of events coming up, but sometimes life’s events just overtake you and that’s that. It was a good week, this week – an uplifting session at the hospital, very good sessions with both my Longlevens and Cirencester groups, and a lovely morning with children in Cirencester, writing poems about WW1 (about which they knew absolutely nothing!) I got a lot of prep done, and saw Far from the madding crowd, which was beautifully shot and very good except for the miscast Sergeant Troy. I wrote a poem I’m quite pleased with, answered loads of emails, and even managed a bit of gardening.

And then, on Friday evening, we had the news that The Bloke’s father was dangerously ill, in Inverness. We set off to try to get there, but on the way we had word from The Bloke’s brother to say that their father had died, just before midnight. So, the weekend has been spent in the Scottish Highlands, sorting out funeral arrangements and starting the long job of clearing his house. Everything else becomes insignificant for a while, really.

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