Catching up

What with going to Scotland last week, and planning to go again this week, I’ve had a lot to do to make sure I’m up-to-date with everything this week. I started catching up with emails on Tuesday, and ran my patients’ group in Cirencester – gosh, they’re good! Some excellent writing. I didn’t feel too good – still suffering from the cold that started over the weekend – but in the evening The Bloke and I went out for a bit of sheer escapism – yes, Ultron, a film about superheroes doing their stuff. It was very well done daftness; a bit repetitive, but then that’s the nature of this kind of thing.

On Wednesday I did some Artlift stuff, and the Cirencester writeup, and caught up with all the emails. Hooray! That took most of the day. I packed a bag of clothes for The Bloke to take up to Scotland, because I’m flying up there and can take only hand baggage, and handled the snail mail, and prepared for my patients’ group on Friday, and for the World War 1 project I’m doing with schoolkids.

I had an interesting morning at the hospital on Thursday, working with one poor woman who was bitter and angry, and another who is trying to see her treatment as just an MOT; they are amazing, the cancer patients I work with, and give everything else I do a different perspective. Lots of Artlift stuff in the afternoon, mostly phoning people who have been referred to our courses. In the evening we had a TADS meeting – we raised £434 with our fundraiser, which we are all very pleased with. I wrote up the hospital stuff, and – gosh, more emails.

Friday was weekly accounts as usual, and my group in Longlevens. We had a new member, who got on really well. It’s a shame that this group will finish in June, but there just aren’t enough people coming through to make it viable. I took all the TADS cash to the bank, causing a bit of a hold up in the queue because it all had to be counted. Sorry to the people behind me! I got everything ready for my young people’s group in Pershore, and finished the World War 1 prep.

So, it was the weekend. With The Bloke up in Scotland, this was different from my usual weekends. Basically, I just worked. Kids’ group in Pershore – and boy, are they lively! We asked them for some feedback. Several said that their confidence had improved, and that they could use their imaginations more when they wrote, but their comments also included things like “If this group were an animal it would be a hyena because we laugh so much.” One of them said, “It’s the thing you can’t wait for.” However much noise they might make, we are obviously doing something right. I did the writeup when I got home, and filled some cracks in my big oak front door, and planted out my lettuces and tomatoes and cucumbers. Poor little things; they look too frail to go outside, really.

And I sorted out my funeral clothes. I think it’s going to be quite a formal thing. In between all this I was getting progress reports from The Bloke up in Scotland. He is having a tough time, clearing a house that is more full of stuff than anything I have ever seen. I nearly went out in the evening to see two of my favourite poets in Swindon, but by the time I knew about the event it was almost too late to go – and anyway, I would have felt guilty going out when there’s so much to do.

On Sunday I caught up with the emails, again, and sanded down the front door and gave it two coats of woodstain. It will be all right for a couple of years now, I hope. I did some prep for a little group I’ll be working with this afternoon, and planned the set for a big gig in a couple of weeks. It’s a bit ambitious – poems I haven’t performed before, and far too many of them, but I’ll cut it down as I go along. There are so many poems I would like to do!

With everything that has been going on, my house has been sadly neglected, and it all finally became too much, so I did quite a lot of tidying and cleaning yesterday; more today, if I get a chance. I sorted out some more Artlift stuff, had a long phone call to my mum, and finally treated myself to an hour of recorded TV while I did the ironing.

I’m on my way to catching up with everything, and as long as I don’t stop I should be all sorted before the funeral. And then it will all start again.

1 thought on “Catching up

  1. I always read your blog Brenda, but each week you leave me breathless. I would like to see your pieces broadcast to all those people who continually claim that they do not have time to do anything. At the same time, you should take care and a little pampering every so often would do you good.

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