Falling behind

I might have thought I was catching up but I was just fooling myself. It’s been full on this week. On Monday I caught up with my annual visit to the building society and sent some invoices, and did some more house cleaning. At least I felt better when it was finished. I did some prep for some work on Saturday, put some things for sale on eBay, and did quite a lot of Artlift stuff, including a risk assessment for a trip we’re organising. That was exciting. Will the minibus crash, do you think? I worked with my little follow-on group in Tewkesbury – and when I say worked, boy, did I make them work. They don’t see me very often, and after today they are probably glad of that. I answered loads of emails and finished the ironing.

I had to prepare a chart for some Artlift info; I sent the outline of the chart off to the project manager to check if it was ok before I start populating it, but she hasn’t replied.

And then I had an amazing time at the hospital. I think I really did something useful and good, which is a lovely feeling. Later on in the week I had an email from the person concerned which confirmed what I had thought; she was very grateful, but I was very grateful for the opportunity to help her. My Cirencester group in the afternoon; somehow messages hadn’t been passed on to me, so it was a bit of a surprise that my nice big group there consisted this week of only three people. Oh well – at least I know it was only temporary; I haven’t actually offended or exhausted all of them. I did the write-ups in the evening, had a long call from The Son, dealt with the usual stampeding hordes of emails, wrote a proposal for an event in October, and checked in online for my flight on Thursday.

Wednesday morning was excellent! It was my second session with a group of kids in Cirencester, writing poems about World War 1. We had a lovely local history chap there, and the kids wrote some good stuff about what it was like to be staying in Britain when the war was on. More Artlift work followed, and a long conference call about the Ledbury Poetry Festival. I had realised by now that this coming week was going to be non-stop, so I did my prep for next week’s Cirencester writing group, and packed…

…because on Thursday I flew to Inverness. The Bloke had booked a taxi to take me to the airport – wildly indulgent, but we were driving back on Friday, and if my car had been at an airport or station it would have added even more to what is already a ridiculously long drive. The taxi was late. I was getting quite panicky, but fortunately it all ended ok – the driver had gone to The Bloke’s house for the pick up, instead of mine. Phew. The flight was fine, and the funeral in the afternoon went off smoothly, except for the chronically slow playing of the hymns. What gets into organists? In the evening The Bloke and his three brothers went out for a meal, together with wives and girlfriend (me). They don’t often get the chance to get together, and the evening was full of stories of their childhood in far-flung places.

They had a more business-y meeting on Friday morning, and then we drove home. Hours and hours and hours.

Still, I had to be up on Saturday morning to do pop-up poetry (writing poems for people, on the spot) at Croome, a National Trust property not far from where I live. It was a good day – 6 poems written, two of which I’m really pleased with; and everyone said what a good idea it was.

Then I fell asleep.

On Sunday The Bloke came round to my house and – hooray! – stopped my freezer beeping. My regular reader will know that the beep from the freezer, which lives just by my office door, has slowly been driving me crazy over the last few months. Now, at last, the torture is over. We were worried for a few minutes after he’d finished, when the freezer didn’t seem to be working at all, but now it’s back to its usual temperature and – silent. Bliss.

I wrote up the World War 1 thing, and the Croome thing, and did some sewing, and today we went for a bike ride.

I forgot to mention that on Saturday I made a list of all the things I have to do over the next two weeks, so that I could feel more in control. However, doing this has proved to me that I have absolutely no chance at all of doing them all; no chance of getting up-to-date; no chance of catching up. Well – I’ll just have to run faster, then, won’t I?

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