Good days

It’s been a case of just plugging on this week, but the good days are always there. On Monday I did lots of Artlift stuff and Poetry on Loan stuff, and answered emails, and worked with my lovely Monday Writers group, and in the evening saw Tomorrowland, which was, frankly, a waste of time.

Tuesday was emails and prep and practice for a gig, and a session with my very lively Cirencester group, who are really doing well. I sent the Poetry on Loan postcard poems to the judges; by the middle of this week we should know which poems will be on our postcards – unless it’s a close decision and we need to go to another round of voting. It’s a bit like FIFA, but without the corruption. And then there were more emails, and ironing. I looked at my list of jobs and felt overwhelmed; I still don’t know how I’m going to do everything I need to do.

On Wednesday I had a session with a school in Tewkesbury library, getting them to write poems about World War 1. They were terrific; full of good ideas and questions, and eager to write.. Time to handle some emails before going to the hospital for a session there; that was good too, working with a really positive lady. I mowed the back lawn, despite my headache, wrote up the hospital stuff, and – oh yes, answered some emails. Lots of emails.

On Thursday I had another WW1 session with a school in Longlevens, and they were terrific too; this is such a lovely project to work on. I think this might have been the best session yet. And then I thought – what’s the point of being self-employed if you can’t, now and then, do what you want? So I spent half an hour clearing weeds from a tiny bit of my front garden. Ok, not exactly what I really want to do, but it made me feel a bit better. More Artlift work, and then the gig I’ve been practising for all week – headlining in Stourbridge. Headlining means you go on last, and have to sit all evening feeling more and more that you wish you weren’t there… but the set went down really well; the new poems worked as well as the old ones, which was lovely. I even sold three of my books. This was definitely a good day.

Friday was accounts day, followed by my writing group in Longlevens. Only two of them could come, but they were great; they worked hard, and one of them said that these sessions have changed her life; opened up a part of her that she didn’t know existed. It’s wonderful when people say things like this. Obviously. I took back the big box of WW1 resources to the museum in Cheltenham, and wrote up the records of the morning, and cleared the nettles away from the compost bins so that I can actually put compost in them.

And then, oh, so many emails! I finally got up-to-date with all of them, and paid quite a lot of Poetry on Loan invoices.

On Saturday I went off with The Bloke to Croydon, where some old friends of his were having a party. It was a long way, and a long day altogether, but we enjoyed it, even if I was overcome with kitchen envy. I covet other people’s kitchens.

And yesterday we rode our bikes into town and went for a walk by the river, where we saw loads of those beautiful blue and green dragonflies. Magic! Enhanced by The Bloke’s slip into the river; he’s good at providing entertainment. And I typed up all the World War 1 stuff, and did some sewing.

I guess this is really dull to read about, but it’s not dull to live through. I have had some very good days this week, and I am grateful for them.

But I’ve still got a mountain of things to do…

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