Really, this is too much!

No, I mean it – I really have too much to do to go blogging… It’s going to be brief.

Monday: did prep, agreed to do even more work, planted hanging baskets and tubs. Ledbury Poetry Festival stuff, more prep, phoned sick brother, tidied, more prep, Artlift stuff, caught up with all emails.

Tuesday: World War 1 project with kids in Tewkesbury library – went well! Cirencester group – good. More emails. Saw San Andreas – spectacular but silly.

Wednesday: Two schools for LPF – wrote group poems about rivers; mowed; long call The Daughter; wrote up LPF stuff; wrote up Cirencester; more prep; more emails.

Thursday: Final session of term at one of the Artlift residencies (I go to as many of these as I can) – painted a really bad picture! Edited a poem I’ll be performing this week; Artlift work; paid Poetry on Loan invoices; TADS meeting; caught up with emails.

Friday: Edited LPF schools poems; accounts; Longlevens group (only one person – this group has had so many problems I think we are under some sort of curse); practised for gigs this week; Artlift stuff; potted three new rubber plants from leaves that I’ve persuaded to root; more Artlift stuff; more prep; Poetry on Loan stuff – we’ve nearly decided on the poems for our next set of postcards; more prep; more poem editing (I think it’s finished now); entered a poetry competition with a new poem; Poetry Festival stuff; emails; prep, prep, prep.

Saturday: Instant poetry all day at Croome Park; met some lovely people who were all delighted to have poems written for them. Typed up Tewkesbury World War 1 stuff and Croome report and poems. Slept.

Sunday: Went shopping; did some sewing.

And I call myself a writer. Honestly, some weeks I do do a lot of writing, and I help other people write; but other weeks it seems to be all admin. And a bit of shopping.

Now, I must get on…

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