So, perhaps this week then

So, last week was still really busy. I caught up with all the emails by the end of Monday, and wrote two poems on Monday night. On Tuesday, I had my first session (of 26) at Hereford hospital. This was great. Just like last time, everyone I asked said yes; they all want poems in Hereford. I visited a GP surgery where I’m due to run some workshops, although I think it will be postponed for a while now – which is actually a bit of a relief. I did some Artlift stuff, and the hospital writeup, and in the evening went to see Jurassic World, which was exactly as I had expected. I’m still impressed by the dinosaurs, though.

On Wednesday I was in Cheltenham hospital, and that went ok. I answered all the Artlift emails and did some work on the website, and finally decided I had had enough of the shrub that was completely obscuring one of the windows. It has had a very severe haircut now, and is still too big really. More emails, and I wrote up the notes from the ArtLift meeting we had had after our first aid training.

I slept quite badly last week – cramp before I could get to sleep, and waking early and worrying about work. After a few nights of this, I slept until late on Thursday morning – but at least I had a day and evening of solid working at home. Or so I thought. I spent a long time preparing for the Poetry on Loan meeting on Friday, and had problems with the Artlift phone. It’s still not working today, and I’m going to have to try to chase up whoever it is to get it working again.

I started picking the blackcurrants from my second blackcurrant bush, and oh! there are so many! It’s going to take me hours to pick them all. I did quite a bit of Artlift work, and everything seemed to be on schedule to get all my jobs done.

And then I had a phone call. One of the Poetry on Loan poets was due to go out with a ramblers group on their social outing on a narrowboat, with a meal at a pub. The boat was due to leave in two hours – and the poet was ill and had to go into hospital. He was very apologetic, but it was clear that he needed to get to hospital straight away. I tried some other poets, but of course at such short notice they couldn’t do the gig. I had to phone the organiser to apologise and say that we weren’t going to make it. She sounded a bit cross and a lot disappointed. I had far too much work to do to go there myself, of course, and it was a long way and I might not even get there on time – but I really hate to let people down, so I phoned her again to tell her I was on my way. It turned out to be a great evening – 36 people, a bit reluctant to engage with poetry, all contributing to a group poem, and two more poems written for individuals (one of whom cried, because she was so moved). Result!

Of course, if I hadn’t gone (and I had a really easy drive there, despite the fact that it was rush hour), I would have felt cross with myself all evening, so it was purely selfish. I got home at about 11:15 pm, and wrapped The Daughter’s birthday presents.

On Friday I did my weekly accounts and some emails and invoices, and set off for the Poetry on Loan meeting in Birmingham. They are terrific, the Poetry on Loan librarians, always finding poetry activities to do despite funding and staffing cuts. I mooched around for a bit, and met The Daughter at her office – very swish! We went back to her house and exchanged birthday presents, and ate chocolates, and I came home and started work again.

On Saturday, The Bloke and I went to the air display at Fairford. We had the obligatory hour and a half of queuing in traffic to get in, but this was probably our last chance to see the Vulcan flying, and it was worth the effort.

And yesterday I typed up the poems from the ramblers; a lazy day, really.

This week, it really should all be a bit easier…but I’ve said that before.

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