It’s a long way to the Scottish Highlands

Yes, ok, that is stating the obvious; I realise. But I’ve just come back from there today, and this is going to be a short blog.

So, this week I have: finished typing up the stuff from Croome, done lots of Artlift statistics, and finished picking all my blackcurrants. I’ve answered god knows how many emails – and now I’m back from four days away there are loads more to be answered. I had planned to get them all done this evening, but it’s 21:41 now so I don’t think I will.

I’ve done a session at Hereford Hospital and one at Cheltenham, both of which went well. I’ve seen Inside out, which was ok but so Disneyish it wasn’t true. No, I know it wasn’t true.

I’ve spent another day at Croome, this time for their Summer Reading Challenge day. I was supposed to do two workshops and some pop-up poetry, but one of the other poets couldn’t be there so I did two workshops; there were about 30 kids and parents at the first and over 40 at the second, and they went really well.

I’ve been to the dentist; which I always enjoy – my dentist is funny! I have a broken tooth which needs to be repaired. I wish it were so easy to repair my poor old plum tree. It was loaded down with plums; just a few more weeks, and I’d have had a bumper crop. But the weight of them all was too much, and the biggest branch has broken off and is hanging by a wooden thread. Shame. Still, it has had a baby tree, all on its own, and that has a few plums growing this year.

And I packed some things and went to Scotland with The Bloke, to help him clear out his parents’ house. We did most of what we had to do by Saturday evening, so on Sunday we played truant and went to John O’Groats – lovely weather, and I had a little paddle in the sea. In the evenings I put the schools’ World War 1 book together and finished typing up the play, which I’m still pleased with.

Today, obviously, we drove back. It takes about 9 hours. And I’m a bit worried because my little cat is nowhere to be found. I’m sure she will turn up soon, but I can’t help worrying… and now, on with the emails.

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