Lunch and statistics

But before I start, my cat did come back last Monday, just after I’d posted the blog entry. Hooray!

I started the week with my end of month accounts, delayed a bit because of the Scotland trip. In the afternoon I had an amazing session at Cheltenham hospital; some people are just stunning in their abilities to cope with things. I wrote up the hospital stuff and handled all the emails up to Monday, and sent my play off to someone to read. I haven’t heard from her yet. Hmmm.

It took me until 11 on Wednesday morning to handle all Tuesday’s emails. The Bloke says I spend a lot of time moaning about how many emails I get, and he’s right – I should stop it, really. I did a lot of Artlift stuff, including some stats; these have to be collated every so often and it’s a big job – in fact I spent time on it on Thursday, Friday and Saturday too, and I should finish it all today. I hope. Actually, I quite enjoy doing this, because it’s a  job with a clear finishing point – very satisfying.

I did some gardening – machete, jungle, you know the sort of thing – and got completely up to date with emails, and paid some Poetry on Loan invoices. I checked the kids’ World War 1 poetry book, and got all the pictures for the cover to The Bloke, who will very kindly design it for me.

My car was having an MOT – new tyres, new discs and pads, correction to a fault with the brake lights. It’s a lovely car, but it is getting very rusty now, and I’ll have to get a new one within the next year or so. Perhaps I could find another one identical but with lower mileage, as I did with my Honda Prelude…

Anyway, I did a bit of tidying. What happens is that when I’m really busy the different bags I use for different projects are not tidied out but just left lying; now at last I’ve had a little bit of time to sort them out, so they no longer form an obstacle course in the dining room. In the evening I saw Mission impossible: rogue nation, which was fun but not what you would call demanding. There don’t seem to be any proper movies – you know, with real people in – in the summer.

And on Friday I had yet another day off! The Bloke and I went Segwaying again. I really like doing this; it’s an almost Zen-like experience as you and the Segway Become One. It was a long way away, though, and it took ages to get home. More emails and stats in the evening, and on Saturday morning too…

…but then I had lunch out with The Son and The Daughter! We get together for a meal to celebrate our birthdays, which are in May, June and July – bit late this year, but we had a lovely meal, and they are always great company.

Yesterday I had a look at possible replacements for my little laptop, which runs under XP and has a battery life of approximately 15 seconds. It’s done very well, but it’s getting slower and slower and it has to be replaced. In the evening I worked on the book of pieces written by my now-defunct Longlevens group, and late at night started working on a new poem…

And today I should get my statistics finished by lunchtime. All poets should do stats; it’s good for the soul.

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