Just when you think…

…that everything is going quite well, something else happens.

And things were going quite well. I did lots of catching up on Monday – got the Poetry on Loan meeting minutes out, caught up with the emails, picked all the plums from the broken tree branch and did some gardening. I even read my new play to myself, out loud, so that I could time it.

On Tuesday I had an amazing session at Hereford hospital, wrote it all up, managed at last to contact an actual person at Barclays to talk about changing the signatories for TADS’ bank account (although she promised to send me a pack, and hasn’t; I’ll have to phone again today); and started work on the front room window frame. In the evening I went to see The gift, which was good. Made me jump a couple of times, but for once I wasn’t the only one jumping.

On Wednesday I undercoated and glossed the window frame, and cleared half the patio… notice how I was getting non-work things done, at last?

And then there was a phone call. My mum was ill, in hospital, in Hull. The call came from her next-door neighbours, who had called the ambulance and gone with her into the hospital. I phoned the hospital, but they said they couldn’t tell me anything over the phone, but in the end I got them to tell me enough to make me sure that I needed to get up there straight away – she had had bleeding in the brain and was critically ill.

So, off to Hull. I got to see her at about 11 pm, and she seemed ok, although obviously confused and sleepy. Fortunately I could stay in her house in Barton-on-Humber, and I went in and visited her twice a day. She was very, very distressed at times, and has problems speaking and understanding, but this got a bit better each time I visited. She seems to be making a good recovery, even though she is 87!

My poor brother (who lives much nearer to Hull than I do) was on holiday in France, and set off straight away to drive home; amazingly, he was back on Friday, so on Saturday I relinquished visiting duties and came home. I’ll be back there again, off and on, of course.

I managed to do a bit of work while I was away, on the book of pieces for the Longlevens group, but I’m behind with everything now, so not much gardening this week. And there will be a lot of sorting out to do to make arrangements for when my mum comes out of hospital.

I’ll avoid, in future, thinking how well everything is going…

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