I don’t like slugs. I suppose there must be some people who like slugs, but I’m not one of them, especially when they leave slimy trails all over the floor. And this week I had an unhappy experience with slugs…

But the rest of the week has been good. I really couldn’t make it up to Hull this week, without driving there and back in a day, which would have been hard going – and anyway, it seemed likely that my mum would have been out of hospital, although in fact she isn’t yet. I’ve been able to do a bit of catching up – vital, with all the things that are going to have to be done when she does come out.

The Son was home briefly on Monday afternoon, which is always good fun. I did some prep and lots of Artlift work, and caught up with some of the emails. On Tuesday I worked at Cheltenham hospital, although this didn’t work out as well as usual. Occasionally people are called into appointments while I’m working with them, but this week it happened three times; it was all a bit frustrating. In the afternoon, though, I had my first session with a  new group in Cirencester, and that went really well. I saw Legend in the evening – really well done, with performances that were quite haunting. Some critics have said that the film glamorises violence, but I didn’t think this at all.

I had a good session at Hereford hospital on Wednesday morning, and got down to clearing the rot from the back door. It was rather worse than I had thought, and while I was digging bits of rotten wood out with my fingers, I felt something more squashy – in fact, I squashed  something more squashy. Two big fat slugs were living inside my door. And I had killed one of them. With my bare hands. Eeuw.  At least there won’t be any more slug trails on the floor, but I think I will probably have to buy a new back door. I dug some more rot out later in the week and treated it with wood hardener, and tried to fill it, but the filling won’t dry. A lost cause, perhaps. But at least I caught up with all the emails and wrote up all I’d done so far this week.

Thursday was more work on the door and Artlift work, and some work for the Ledbury Poetry Festival, too, before a TADS meeting in the evening. It looks very much like we’ll be doing my play Rocks off for a one-act play festival next spring.

On Friday I went to the dentist; he is a good dentist and always makes me laugh, so I never mind this. I sorted out the shortlist for the Poetry on Loan poetry competition – it includes some really good poems, and I’m glad I’m not choosing the winner by myself. And – at last! – I cleared the big bedroom, where my friend Jackie will be sleeping next week, and cleaned upstairs. I did some more Artlift work and got up-to-date with all the emails. Hooray!

On Saturday I had my last day working at Croome, and it went really well – seven poems for people around the house and grounds. They were all really pleased with their poems, and several of them cried. Aah!

And yesterday – well, yesterday we went quad-biking. I find quad bikes a bit scary, which is a good reason for having a go, and it was really good fun. I don’t think I would want one, though. I wrote up the Croome stuff, as well. A good week, all in all, except for the slugs – and probably the worst bit of that was that I felt guilty for killing them. I didn’t mean to, honest, but I can’t say I’m sorry that they’re gone.

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