Job done

I’ve done so much this week that at last I feel I’m beginning to catch up with everything. On Monday I did loads of Artlift stuff, and chopped down my butterfly plant, giving me a view of the garden again. I had two long phone calls, too, one for Artlift and one about planning a Poetry on Loan course.

On Tuesday I handled lots of Ledbury Poetry Festival emails and Artlift emails, and went to the dentist, and sent some letters for the Poetry Festival, and created some graphs for Artlift. It goes against my nature to make graphs; I read statistics and they tell me what I need to know. And it’s too easy to misuse the data to come up with a totally false picture – this happened later in the week in a chart prepared by an NHS analyst. Sigh.

Ok, rant over. I had a good session at Cheltenham Hospital and a long call from my poor brother, and answered a whole load of emails. In the evening I went to see Suffragette. It was well done, with good period detail, but oh, what a miserable film.

On Wednesday I went to a memorial service at a school in Gloucester – they had invited me because I’m the Gloucestershire Poet Laureate. I’m never sure about memorial services; do they do any good? They don’t seem to. And the religious stuff makes me cross. I did a bit more gardening, trying to get some exercise, and did a lot of Artlift work, phoning people who have been referred for Artlift courses. It took ages. And of course there were emails to answer. There are always emails to answer.

On Thursday I was at Hereford hospital, but not many other people were, so it was a bit difficult to find anyone to work with. I did in the end, though, and she said it had made her feel better, so that was ok.

And I had an email from the husband of someone I worked with in Cheltenham hospital. She has died, and he wanted to have my poem read out at her funeral. This is such an honour; of course I said yes. She was a lovely lady, full of life when I met her.

And on Thursday afternoon I made my Christmas cakes! Usually I have this done halfway through October. I am famed for my Christmas cakes – they are the only thing I cook really well, apart from scrambled eggs – and I always enjoy making them. I sent the hospital poems book and the book of pieces from my Longlevens group to the publisher for the final time – another two jobs finished. Hooray! I sorted out the poems I’m going to be doing at a gig on Friday, and nearly caught up with the emails.

On Friday I did my usual weekly accounts, and booked up a rehearsal room for my one-act play (as if I don’t have enough to do), and finished off the minutes from the Poetry on Loan meeting, and paid the PoL invoices – and cleared the living room. It has been full of props from my last one-act play since June, and I couldn’t let anyone in there – but now they have gone, and I have a big pile of stuff to go to the charity shop. Another job done.

And I finally caught up with all the emails.

No rest on Saturday, though . I answered the snail mail, and sent out a lot of Poetry Festival emails, and did some updates for the Poetry on Loan website, and then set off for London, to go to our annual family reunion. It was good to meet up again with my cousins, but a long way to go. But at least on the way back I started writing a poem – finished now – the first one for ages.

And on Sunday I went hovercrafting with The Bloke! Another long journey, this time to Rednal, which is on the other side of Shrewsbury. It was something I have wanted to do for ages, and it was good fun, but hard work, and now I’ve done it I don’t need to do it again. But still, another job ticked off the list.

And now there are all this week’s jobs to do…

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