Hedgehogs and holidays

Brrr! It’s cold now. I don’t like the winter; I wish I could just curl up and hibernate, like a hedgehog. Dream on. But I did see a hedgehog this week, just crossing the road, so that was a bonus; I haven’t seen one for a while. And I got my holiday booked for next year. I’m planning to learn to surf before it’s too late. And I finally switched to me new iPhone 5 (yes, I know, the rest of the world is on iPhone 6 now, but still) – so not a bad week, all round, although I have felt pushed every minute.

On Monday I visited one of the Artlift groups for their last session. This is the one perk of the work I do for Artlift; when I visit a group I get to do some artwork, and I was actually really pleased with what I produced. By 7:15 pm I had caught up with all the emails – hooray! I did some more Artlift work, and provided an update for the work I’ve been doing on the Ledbury Poetry Festival project, and did some prep for a Poetry on Loan training course, and typed up my new poems.

Tuesday went quite well. With one phone call, I set up a new ISA and transferred an old one; thank you NatWest for being so helpful. How often do you thank a bank? But I’ve had two good banking experiences in two months, and I believe in giving credit where it’s due. I went to a Ledbury Poetry Festival meeting and started writing up the minutes, and in the evening saw Lady in a van. This was an excellent movie; highly recommended. It was on the way home that we saw the hedgehog.

I finished the LPF minutes on Wednesday, and had a good session at Hereford hospital, which I wrote up when I got home. After a long call from The Son, I handled loads of LPF emails – and then there was a long call from The Daughter. By 10 pm I had caught up with the emails again, and treated myself with a look at holidays.

It was Cheltenham hospital on Thursday; another good session. The Son came home for an hour or two, which was useful because he helped me get the Christmas cards and decorations out of the loft – tricky to do on my own. I went to a TADS meeting, did the hospital writeup, and did some ArtLift work.

I took my car in for a service on Monday. When they went through the long list of things that are wearing out, I realised that they were trying to tell me, very gently, that I need to start looking for a new car. Hmmm. I did my weekly accounts and some practice for a gig in the evening – actually, I’ve done a bit of practice every day, but it was only a 10-minute set so it didn’t take that long to sort out. And I started setting up my new phone – a process that should have been easy but was, in fact, beset with difficulties; just one problem after another. I prepared for my young writers session next week, and did loads of Artlift stuff, and went off to the gig in Cheltenham. It was ok, but there were 10 poets and only 20 in the audience, including the poets, and I wondered if what we were doing was really worthwhile.

On Saturday I nearly caught up with emails again, and almost finished setting my phone up. More Artlift work, and then a bit of a treat – out with The Daughter, who was trying on wedding dresses. Bridal trying, they call it. She looked lovely.

On Sunday I gave in and took my phone to the O2 shop for the final sim swap. A bit of Christmas shopping, and – at last- we’ve booked our holiday.

This week will have nothing about holidays, or hedgehogs, or in fact any fun at all, except perhaps on Friday evening. Ah well.


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