Driving through water

That’s what it’s like sometimes. This week I have had to drive through really deep water, vision completely obscured by the wave thrown at me by a lorry going the other way, but knowing that whatever happens I mustn’t stop. I broke a car like that once. I didn’t know that if your engine stalled when you were in deep water then the last thing you should do is try to start it again. That was in the days when I had a company car, so it didn’t cost me anything, but the memory has stayed…

Anyway, my new doors and windows were fitted very efficiently and professionally; all done in one day, and they cleaned up afterwards. I’m pleased with them, but then I should be, seeing how much they cost. While I was hiding in my office on Monday, I wrote up the Pershore young people’s stuff, had a long Artlift phone call, and caught up with all the emails. Hooray! I did some more ArtLift stuff and my end-of-month accounting, and some more work on the Ledbury Poetry Festival project. I kind of hoped that my bit of that was all done now, but bits and pieces will keep trickling on for weeks, I think.

I did some invoicing on Tuesday, and had a good session at Hereford hospital. People are always surprised that they cry when they hear the poems I have written for them, but I’ve grown accustomed to it – although I’m always touched when it happens. I picked up some post at the Ledbury Poetry Festival office on my way back, and shared the afternoon between the hospital writeup, some Artlift work, and some Poetry on Loan work. In the evening, I saw Bridge of spies, which was a very good movie and well worth a watch.

On Wednesday morning I had to go to Stonehouse for an Artlift session, and when I got back I caught up with my emails (hooray), wrapped my mum’s Christmas presents, and packed. I managed to prepare a rehearsal schedule for my next play (ooh! exciting!) and did yet another update for the LPF project.

And on Thursday The Bloke and I drove to Scotland. Not just the close bits, mind – right up into the Scottish highlands, to visit his mum who is in a home there. We tried to pretend it was a holiday, and stayed in quite a nice hotel, but when we saw her on Friday it seemed she was living on borrowed time; she’s really not well. We kept up the holiday idea, though, by going to the Highland Wildlife Park in the afternoon, in a gale and driving rain. We always enjoy seeing the animals, who are cold climate animals and very happy in the Highlands, apparently, but we didn’t get to see the wolves (again) because they had closed their area because of the danger of falling trees.

The next day we visited The Bloke’s mum again, and she was a bit perkier, but she grew tired very quickly. So we set off for the second leg of our journey. The route we had planned was no good because they closed the Forth road bridge the day before. It was very windy and wet just about all the way from Highlands to Humberside, and the drive across country, which I did, was I think the second scariest bit of driving I have ever done – but we got there, late but unharmed.

So yesterday we visited my mum, in her care home. She was pretty good; she wasn’t up to going out but she was talking and laughing, and very pleased with her early Christmas present.

While we were driving I spent quite a bit of time practising for my gig this week, but otherwise it was a break from work, and last night I even managed to get up to Saturday’s emails.

And now this week I have loads to do, but I’ve just got to drive through it all, even if at times I can’t see where I’m going. Splash.


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