What an awful title! Especially to start the year. But I’ve had to think about money this week. For a start, I’ve been through the Poetry on Loan finances. It’s terrific! For the first time ever, we are at risk of running out of money by the end of our first year of funding. This is good because it means that despite all their budget and staffing cuts, the libraries I work with have found the confidence to put on lots of events. It does mean I have to draw things in a little, though, at least until we get our next bit of funding.

Also, I’ve been looking at cars. Mine is rotting gently, and things are beginning to go wrong. I’ve seen two cars I really like online, but both had been sold when I phoned to ask about them. Also, I saw one car advertised with the number plate MT10NEY. Who would want to drive around with that number plate, I wonder? I suppose if you were in business as a financial consultant you might, but for the rest of us it would be embarrassing.

Anyway, I suppose I ought to have some New Year’s resolutions, but there are so many things that I need to do that there seems little point. I think I’ll settle for one: try harder.

I’ve done lots of statistical work this week for Artlift. I quite like playing round with stats, so I didn’t mind that. And there haven’t been so many emails, which is always nice – although I see a stack has arrived in my inbox this morning. Back to the email grind, then. I’ve taken my cat to the vet (just an eye infection – not serious), had a tyre repaired, and sailed motor boats on the flooded car park in Tewkesbury, which is great fun.

I’ve updated two websites, although sadly not my own, which is just one of the things I must get round to doing. And at last The Daughter has chosen her wedding dress, which is really pretty and romantic. We went for more bridal trying with one of her bridesmaids, and after much thought we all agreed on the same one. Hooray! She will look lovely.

I have a big slam at the weekend. Probably my last slam ever. But meanwhile, I have a lot to do; it’s time to start earning money again.

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