Just when you think…

It always happens, doesn’t it? You start seeing clear water, and up comes a storm – or in my case, more work than I can handle.

Last week was a bit different from usual. I spent most of Monday rearranging things so that I could be away for three days; also, I managed to get a scan for my mother brought forward by six weeks, just with a  few phone calls and being nice to people. We had a very good rehearsal in the evening, and then I did some packing…

…because on Tuesday The Bloke and I drove up to the Highlands of Scotland to visit his mother, who is fading away and spending less and less time conscious and aware. The journey there took all day. On Wednesday we paid our first visit, and we were lucky. She had her best day for months; her eyes were open, she recognised The Bloke and knew his name and could talk to him with some rationality, although she is obviously very weak indeed and soon became tired. We did more driving, through the beautiful snowy scenery, to find various items for The Bloke’s cat-sitters. We even saw a red squirrel; I’ve never seen one live in the wild before. The Bloke’s second visit wasn’t so good. It was his birthday and we had a nice meal in the hotel where we were staying. I even wrote a poem.

On Thursday morning we went again to the care home, but his mother was tired after the day before and was fast asleep. At least he had his one good conversation to remember. Much more driving; we got home quite late on Thursday.

I wanted to go on this trip, not just to offer emotional support but also to share the driving, and I’m glad I did. It has meant, though, that lots of things I should have done last week have not been done, and now I have a mountain of work.

On Friday I had a NHS health check; apparently I have very low cholesterol levels, so that’s all ok. I spent most of the day answering all the emails that had flown in during my absence, and doing my weekly accounts., but I did have to go into Pershore to collect a World War 1 shell, as you do, from the Heritage Centre. I did some prep, and some work for the Ledbury Poetry Festival.

I was a bit early going into Pershore, and I had a quick look at a beautiful blue Jaguar in a used car place. Dream on, Brenda.

Saturday was my young writers in Pershore; we were writing poems about WW1 (hence the shell, and other items kindly loaned). They produced some very powerful pieces. I did the writeup, and got completely up-to-date with emails and even the snail mail, and did the effects list for the play.

And on Sunday I typed up the kids’ poems and did some research for some work I’m doing this week and next.

This week the diary is absolutely full. I have some background work to do, and no idea how I’ll fit it in. Somehow I have to find three more days, but it would be easier to find the money to buy the beautiful blue Jaguar. At least there was the red squirrel, and the lovely snowy Highlands.


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