No time

I’ve got no time to do this, really; no time to do anything. In fact, this week I’ve made a vow to myself that I will not take on any major project from now on – one-off days and gigs, yes, but nothing major that I’m not doing already. So there.

So, very quickly then:

Monday – emails, the final Artlift session at Gloucester, play prep (not as in playing games – my one-act play), long Artlift phone calls, Hospice work prep, Pershore Plumlines prep (this is a project writing poems about the lives of women in WW1), a good rehearsal and more emails.

Tuesday – a very good session in Hereford hospital, a good session in Cirencester with my group there, although there were only four of them, more play prep. In the evening I saw The big short, which was a really, really good movie. Go and see it!

Wednesday – long phone call about my little Tewkesbury group; more emails; a very good session in a hospice in Hereford; a good session in Cheltenham hospital; long phone calls with The Son and The Daughter; prep for the big Poetry on Loan meeting; more emails.

Thursday – prep for a Plumlines session with a school, more emails, reworking a budget for an Artlift project and setting up a contract; writing up the Cirencester group and the hospice and the Hereford and Cheltenham hospital sessions. More emails.

Friday – got everything ready for the PoL meeting and went to Birmingham. Good meeting, after an initial anxiety because they had no records that we had booked the room. Except that they did have the records. And they sorted out a room for us – phew! Set up dates for a new project working with people with chronic pain in Hereford. Artlift emails; ordinary emails. Designed a new leaflet / referral form, prep for next week’s Cirencester group, wrote a brief biog for a forthcoming book, more emails.

Saturday – Plumlines work with my Pershore kids’ group; emails. An afternoon off! And then I typed up the poems the kids had written in the morning.

Sunday – visit to the theatre where my play will be on (very useful!). End of month accounting, more prep for the school session today; lots of emails about the Ledbury Poetry festival anthology… and I caught up with the emails! Poetry on Loan website updates.

The Son has sorted out my website – new website address now, – after lots of problems.

And today I have spent all day with kids and their mums at a school in Worcester, getting them to write their poems about women in WW1. They were brilliant! A long PoL phone call, and just enough time to write this and I’ll be off to rehearsal. And between yesterday and this evening, I had 73 new emails. No wonder there’s no time.


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