Staying in

I haven’t had to go out much this week, which means that I’ve got a lot done.

On Monday I caught up with all the emails, and publicised a course I’m running for Poetry on Loan. I haven’t actually planned it all yet, but I have had some ideas this week, and I’ll get it all sorted out in the next few days. I hope. I cleared away some dead stuff from the garden, which always makes me feel good, and updated the Poetry on Loan website – something that’s been on the list for a while. I sorted out some Artlift stuff, and looked for some material for covering chairs to be used in my play. I know I have this material somewhere, but I’m a little bit nervous now about going deep into the loft when I’m on my own in the house, so the material remained unfound. I put together some poems which may (or may not) be displayed in Cheltenham hospital, and went to the rehearsal. The first runthrough was really bad; the second really good. Phew.

More emails on Tuesday, and some prep for an event I’m hosting this coming Saturday. I struggled for a while with the Artlift website, and then had an ok session at Cheltenham hospital, which I wrote up when I got home. In the evening I saw Deadpool. This is one of the movies I wouldn’t have gone to see if I didn’t have an Unlimited card (which is like a season ticket), and I would have missed a treat. It was clever, funny, vulgar, and great fun.

Wednesday saw my final session at Hereford hospital, and it was a good one, with a delightful couple. I did the writeup and the invoice; I still have the evaluation report to write and a book to put together, but I won’t be going to Hereford once a week now. I did some more Artlift work, and had long phone calls with The Mother and The Brother. There’s no getting away from family responsibilities sometimes. I paid lots of Poetry on Loan invoices – I always enjoy writing cheques for people, so that was good – and answered emails and prepared for my Cirencester group’s next session.

Thursday was more prep – for the TADS meeting and play production meeting; for my young writers group; and for a taster session I’ll be running soon. I did loads of Artlift work, and had long phone calls from The Son and The Daughter. The TADS and play production meetings in the evening went well; we’re all on track for props and scenery and costume now.

Friday was mostly Artlift stuff, getting together all the statistics. This seems to take longer each time I do it, because each time there is more and more information to be collected. I hadn’t quite finished by bedtime, but I did the last bit on Saturday morning, and almost caught up with all the emails. Saturday afternoon was shopping – more bits and pieces for the play – and on Sunday I went to look at a possible new car. It was good, but not exactly what I’m looking for. In the evening I prepared for a talk I’m giving to the WI nearby, and wrote some of the Hereford hospital report.

And after all this, my bum was hurting from spending so much time sitting at my desk. I need to get out more. And I haven’t had a chance to think about the EU at all.

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