Hasn’t it been lovely weather for the last few days? This always makes me feel better. Last Monday I definitely didn’t feel too good, but catching up with all the emails gave me a bit of a boost, and Tuesday was a very good day. In the morning I had a good session at the hospital with some inspirational people, and in the afternoon a superb session with my Cirencester group. It’s going to be a shame when this group comes to and end, but I think I’m going to be able to arrange follow-on sessions for them. In the evening I went to see Hail Caesar, which was good fun.

On Wednesday I did writeups and lots of Artlift stuff, then packed and set off to Lincolnshire, to stay with The Brother, ready to visit The Mother on Thursday. She is a lot brighter now, which made the whole visit much easier than last time. I did more Artlift stuff when I got home on Thursday evening.

Another good session on Friday, this time with a group at a hospice near Hereford – they were great! I did my usual weekly accounts, and went off to Gloucester for a bone density scan. Yes, I may be crumbling away – I’ll know when I get the results in a couple of weeks. It was painless and well-organised, though. In the evening I did more Artlift stuff – there’s a lot going on with Artlift at the moment – and caught up to Thursday with emails.

And on Saturday I was up-to-date with all the emails again – hooray! And I had reached the stage when I couldn’t stand the mess in my house any more – when I’m really busy, the house just gets more and more untidy – so I did some tidying. The Bloke came round and fixed up the TV that The Brother had given me (he shuffles televisions as though they were cards). In the afternoon I worked on a job description (for my own job with Artlift) and my director’s report for Rocks off.

And on Sunday I had a day off! We went to the West Midlands safari park. I find it impossible to see the animals and not smile; it’s good for me. I should probably have done some more work in the evening but I was really tired.

This week will be busy again, with some new things happening, but hey, the sun is still shining. It’s so much better than last week. Who knows – I might even write something…

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