I think I needed some downtime, although I might not have chosen to spend it exactly as I have this week.

On Monday The Bloke and I drove up to Scotland – to Kingussie, to be precise, in the Highlands. There was still some snow on the mountains, but we weren’t there for winter sports. We stayed overnight in a hotel, and had dinner with several members of The Bloke’s family.

And on Tuesday, we went to Inverness for his mother’s funeral. She was 87 when she died, and she had been ill for some time, so it wasn’t a tragic end, and the funeral was a celebration of a life well-lived. It all went ok, and in the evening even more members of the family gathered, together with some of the staff at the care home where she had lived for the last year or so.

The next day we sorted through the stuff she had left at the home, and gathered it up and took most of it to charity shops. We collected the ashes, and set off on the long drive home, where we arrived at about 1 am. I took some work with me to Scotland but didn’t really have time to do anything except some practice for a gig this week.

On Thursday, I had my little group in Hereford – down to 2 this week, but boy, were they good! The session was truncated rather, because I spent an hour and twenty minutes stuck in traffic. Apparently a road was closed in Hereford city centre; I hope they reopen it in time for next week. I spent the rest of the day catching up with the huge backlog of emails, and finished them on Friday. It took ages!

The Bloke came round to my house and we cleared the huge pile of wood that has been messing up my patio for months. I’ll need a couple of trips to the tip and two bonfires to get rid of it all, but it least it is stacked neatly and out of the way now.

Saturday was fun – out shopping with The Daughter to look for a dress for me to wear for her wedding. We didn’t find one, but we got some good ideas, and it was an enjoyable day out, anyway.

On Sunday I worked on the book of poems for my Hereford Hospital work, and got quite a lot done. I did some more of this today, and now it’s well on the way. And The Bloke and I went to Cribbs Causeway. I had found another nice dress online, and they had one in stock there, and yes! It looked lovely. Amazingly I also found shoes, bag and a jacket to go with it. I should have been working really, but…

…over the last couple of days I have had an idea for my next play, and written a poem. I have been worried because I haven’t written much for ages, but I think that all I needed was a bit of space away from my other work. I guess we all need some downtime, now and then.

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