Time for action

Gosh, what a positive title! And I don’t mean on tax avoidance either. (Personally, I think we should have a much higher income tax, and then no tax on anything else. It’s probably just as well that I’m not standing in any elections.) But I have done quite a bit this week, despite a couple of setbacks.

On Monday I drove to Cirencester – just under an hour – and gave a talk to a GP surgery for 15 minutes, and then drove home. Seems a bit wasteful, but I think the staff at the surgery were quite enthused about Artlift. And I caught up with all the emails and made some phone calls.

Tuesday was prep day. After visiting the first session of the new Artlift project just for men (they looked a very manly bunch, and I felt as if I had intruded on Mount Athos), I did the prep for some interviews, my Thursday Hereford group, and my Tewkesbury group this afternoon. I also did some Poetry on Loan work (we are nearly ready to start producing our new recommended poetry book list) and, as it was a nice day, I cleared the last lot of stuff off the patio, which was hard work.

Oh. And on Tuesday morning, I saw a specialist, who said I have to have some rather intrusive further tests. I’m not looking forward to these; I don’t really think there is anything wrong with me. Although who knows?

The next day I was driving again, to Dursley, where I was part of an interviewing panel; only two candidates, but both of them good. And then I went to work in Cheltenham Hospital – only I didn’t, because I couldn’t find anyone to work with. Since they closed about a third of the waiting room for use for talks, it’s become much more difficult; when people are sitting close together, they don’t really want to talk much, I think. I dealt with some emails, and then started work on collating the Artlift stats; this is a big job, and one that requires concentration. I had some long phone calls, and caught up with emails again. Hooray.

I worked with my Hereford group on Thursday. This course is called Escape into the world of words. At the venue, they usually put World of words on the board saying which room we’re in; this week, we were billed as War of the worlds. Perfect! The group was, as usual, outstandingly good. And in the afternoon I had a very good session at Cheltenham hospital, working with inpatients. Perhaps I should do more with the inpatients now. I did some writeups and prep, and more Artlift stuff.

On Friday I had my final session at the hospice, which went really well; and did some Poetry on Loan work, and prep for my young people’s group, and more Artlift stats and other stuff, and cleaned the house a bit.

Saturday was my young people’s group in Pershore. I wasn’t looking forward to this, because my last session with them didn’t go too well, but this one was terrific – they came up with lots of good ideas and wrote some smashing poems.

The Daughter and The Fiancé were here for a little while on Saturday, which was nice – but I was pretty whacked by the evening and just fell asleep.

And on Sunday I joined a gym. I really must get more exercise, and now I’ve paid for it for a year I am determined to get my money’s worth. More action required.

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