Too busy to blog

I should stop there really, shouldn’t I? I have a horrendous couple of weeks coming up, starting today, so I will try to keep this brief – still loads to do before I can go to bed, and it’s 22:45 now.

Anyway. Monday – loads of prep and emails, and a terrific session with my Monday Writers group. Oh – and I wrote a poem! In the evening I saw 10, Cloverfield Lane, which had me gripped and pinned to my seat, except when I was jumping out of it.

Tuesday – car service (at a reasonable price!); lots of Artlift work, more prep; drove to Humberside.

Wednesday – visiting my mum, who is so much better now. Terrible journey home; one and a half hour’s delay. Sigh. Emails. Of course.

Thursday – Hereford group – they are so good! Lots more Artlift stuff, and I proofread the Ledbury Poetry Festival programme. Emails and prep.

Friday – accounts; very good session at Cheltenham Hospital, where I wrote poems for two lovely people. Went to the gym! – just for a swim, but it’s a start. Lots more Artlift work and a chunk of Poetry on Loan work too.

Saturday – yet more Artlift work and emails, and then off to decide wedding flowers with The Daughter. There can’t be much left to arrange, can there? I’m still amazed by all that needs to be done; it wasn’t like this when I were a lad.

Sunday – went with The Bloke for his birthday present – driving an Argocat! This is an 8-wheel amphibious vehicle. I thought I’d be no good at it, but it was surprisingly easy to drive and great fun. And in the evening I wrote a presentation that I have to give at a meeting tomorrow.

Today: Poetry on Loan training course. This was rather different from our previous training courses, so I was a bit worried – it was all my idea and my plan, so if it went wrong it was all my fault. It didn’t go wrong; in fact it went very well. Lots of prep and emails, and a TADS meeting this evening. We have decided on our next major production!

And that’s it. Next week’s blog might be even shorter, even though I will have done enough to write a book about…

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